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Here are the answers to L.A. Times Daily Crossword puzzles Saturday November 26 2016.
Tell It To My Heart” singer Taylor __ – DAYNE
“The Empire Strikes Back” director Kershner – IRVIN

__ Moore: Hormel brand – DINTY
30s-’50s filmdom nickname – BOGIE
Author Huxley – ALDOUS
Barley wine, e.g. – ALE
Beats to the finish line – OUTRUNS
Bechamel base – LAIT
Beersheba native – ISRAELI
Bingo call – BTEN
Bob Hope venue – USOTOUR
British potter James known for Brown Betty teapots – SADLER
California’s __ Bay – MORRO
Came across by chance – LITON
Caustic solution – SODALYE
Cheyenne allies – ARAPAHO
Complaint – MOAN
Critter with tusks – BOAR
Destined – BOUND
Didn’t stop talking – RAN ON
Easing of govt. control – DEREG
Euripids tragedy – ORESTES
FDR’s Fala et al. – SCOTTIES
Film beeper, familiarly – ARTOO
First child of Henry VIII to survive to adulthood – MARY I
Form a political union – FEDERATE
Gateway Arch designer – SAARINEN
Guaranteed – ASSURED
Hard labor – TOIL
It’s a warp – STOLE

Japanese two-seater – MIATA
Jump in the pool? – BET
King pen name – BACHMAN
Lavish supply – PROFUSION
Leaf producer – NISSAN
Licorice-flavored liqueur – SAMBUCA
Like stucco – TEXTURED
Many in Espana – SENORES
Mark of a shark – CUECASE
Miss – SHE
Muir Wood’s country – MARIN
Nature-nurturing org. – EPA
Odd page, normally – RECTO
One abroad – UNE
Prefix with analysis – META
Prefix with Pen – EPI
Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Levy – MARV
Raised the roof – YELLED
Rashness – HASTE
Renewable fuel source – BIOMASS
Rummy – SOUSE
Sail-extending pole – SPRIT
Saint-Exupery classic – THE LITTLE PRINCE
Sch. that moved from the Mountain West Conf. to the Big 12 in 2012 – TCU
Sells off – DIVESTS
Side dish in a sauce – CREAMED POTATOES
Solo pianist often provided music for them – SILENTS
State of Osterreich – TIROL
Stoop-shouldered, say – UNERECT
Sushi bar selection – SPICY TUNA ROLL
Top – ACME
Waterfront gp. – ILA
Worked with props? – AVIATED
Yangtze tributary – XIANG


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