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Here are the answers to L.A. Times Daily Crossword puzzles Thursday November 24 2016.
“__ said earlier ..” – AS I
“Battle Cry” author – URIS

“Hold on!” – WHOA
“It’s next on my list” – SOON
“Misery” co-star – CAAN
“Morning Edition” airer – NPR
“So that’s your game!” – OHO
__-savvy – TECH
60s-’70s protest subject – NAM
A lot – SCADS
Actor who gave up wearing his trademark gold jewelry after Hurricane Katrina – MR T
Afternoon refresher – CATNAP
Believer’s suffix – ISM
Bookie’s spread units: Abbr – PTS
Boring – BLAH
Brief game deciders? – OTS
Call-day link – ITA
Can opener – POPTAB
Center opening – EPI
Chad neighbor – LIBYA
Clock radio toggle – AMPM
Cold mold – ASPIC
Congo River area denizen – CHIMP
Coveted award – OSCAR
Decorator’s suggestion – RUG
Dial on old TVs – VERT

Difference in a close race – NOSE
East-west Mass. Artery – TNPK
Eggs from the sea – ROE
Evil end? – DOER
Flying statistic – WINGSPAN
General __ chicken – TSOS
High ick factor reaction – EWW
Hound – DOG
How a couple might go for dinner? – DUTCH
Iberian coastal city – OPORTO
Including everything – A TO Z
Key letter – PHI
Kingston Trio hit with the line “He may ride forever’ neath the streets of Boston” – MTA
Like ballerinas – LITHE
Longtime Richard Petty sponsor – STP
Make a pretrial determination – SET BAIL
Michigan State’s Sparty, e.g. – MASCOT
New England’s only National Park – ACADIA
Not close at all – ONE SIDED
Oater settings – SALOONS
Olympian’s blade – EPEE
Outback bird – EMU
Penultimate Greek letters – PSIS
Places to unwind – SPAS
Prom rental – LIMO
Put one over on – DELUDE
Ref. to a prior ref. – OPCIT
Regarding – AS TO
Retiring – SHY
Samoan port – APIA
Sch. With a Shreveport campus – LSU
Sign gas – NEON
Spring festival – EASTER
Squeled – SANG
Suave – URBANE
They have many arms – OCTOPI
Title teen in a ’90s-’00s sitcom – MOESHA
Traditional Jerusalem site of the Last Supper – CENACLE
Trait transmitter – GENE
While – SPELL
Williams of “Happy Days” – ANSON

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