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Here are the answers to L.A. Times Daily Crossword puzzles Tuesday-November 29 2016.
“__ again!” – NOT
“Doggone it” – RATS
“Give __ chance!” – ITA

“Hold on a __!” – SEC
“I was home alone” isn’t a very strong one – ALIBI
“No bid,” in bridge – I PASS
“Of course!” – AHA
“Star Wars” princess – LEIA
“That’s so true!” – AMEN
*Orangly Crayola color – NEON CARROT
*Screenwriter’s work for the first episode – PILOT SCRIPT
*Simple-to-use – IDIOT PROOF
*Symbol of bureaucracy – REDTAPE
[“Get off the stage!”] – BOOHISS
__ Lama – DALAI
Analyzed, as a sentence – PARSED
App downloaders – USERS
Bakery draw – AROMA
Bank acct. posting – INT
Big bird from Down Under – EMU
Brealfast fruit – MELON
Chimed – RANG
Chinese-born architect I.M. __ – PEI
Concert milieus – ARENAS
Crime syndicate leader – DON
Critter “in the headlights” – DEER

Cul-de-__ – SAC
Dada pioneer Jean – ARP
Denim pioneer Strauss – LEVI
Dizzy .. and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues – LIGHT HEADED
Eight, an espanol – OCHO
Energizes, with “up” – AMPS
Exec’s degree – MBA
Explosive emotion – IRE
Fall zodiac sign – LIBRA
Georgia, but not Florida – NATION
Gluttony, e.g. – SIN
Got out of bed – AROSE
Grate residue – ASHES
Great Lakes natives – ERIES
Grecian Formula competitor – JUST FOR MEN
Ill-fated whale chaser – AHAB
Invention beginning – IDEA
Invoice no. – AMT
Is home sick – AILS
Jack of nursery rhymes – SPRAT
Jelly holder – JAR
Kitchen strainer – SIEVE
Lairs of lions – DENS
Land “across the pomd” from the U.K. – USA
Landmark on Missouri’s state quarter – ARCH
Las Vegas loser’s complaint – ROTTEN LUCK
Leader with a baton – MAESTRO
Like some committees – ADHOC
Lucy’s co-star – DESI
Make on the job – EARN
Martini ingredient – GIN
Merit badge holder – SASH
Misfortunes – ILLS
Onetime TWA rival – PANAM
Opposite of everything, in bageldom – PLAIN
Pentel filler – INK
Perfect spot – EDEN
Rancor – BILE
Rossini creation – OPERA
Roughly 30% of Earth’s land area – ASIA
Speak hoarsely – RASP
Spoken – SAID
Stretch across – SPAN
Suitcase tie-on – ID TAG
Tear (into) – RIP
Techie’s hangout – PC LAB
Tubular Italian pastries – CANNOLI
Uncanny claim – ESP
Vatican City currency – EURO
What a judge may do during an arraignment – SET BAIL
Word with dog, horse or lion – SEA
Worked hard – TOILED


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