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Here are the answers to L.A. Times Daily Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 23 2016.
“All or Nothing” boy band – OTOWN
“Around the Horn” channel – ESPN

“Caught you!” – AHA
“Force Behind the Forces” tour gp. – USO
“Totally cool, dude!” – RAD
“Word Freak” author Fatsis – STEFAN
__ nutshell – INA
__-en-scene: stage setting – MISE
4-Down plus five – OCTET
Actress Zellweger – RENEE
Apple products – IPODS
Baldwin of “Beetlejuice” – ALEC
Barbershop bands? – STROPS
Bell-shaped graphic – NORMAL CURVE
Blue hue – AZURE
Boeing product – JET
Cambridge univ. – MIT
Campus military org. – ROTC
Charlie’s Angels, e.g. – TRIO
Cited, in a way – FINED
Common fall hiree – TEMP
Comparatively frugal – THRIFTIER
Culture magazine – ELLE
Decor finish? – ATOR
Desktop graphic – ICON

Dissatisfied sorts – MALCON TENTS
District attorney’s filing – FORMAL CHARGES
Extint emu-like bird – MOA
Figuratively, stops talking .. or, literally what are hidden in this puzzle’s four longest answers – CLAMS UP
Finishing nails – BRADS
For example – SUCH AS
Go beyond fudging – LIE
Handed the checkm, say – BILLED
Home of LGA and JFK – NYC
Idle – LOLL
In first place – ON TOP
Jazz pianist Art – TATUM
L.A.-to-Tucson dir. – ESE
Leak slowly – SEEP
Legal wrong – TORT
Looked at – EYED
Mediocre – SO SO
Member of the flock – LAYMAN
Mimicry – APING
Mo. or Miss. – RIV
More than annoys – IRES
Mystic character – RUNE
Name of 14 popes – CLEMENT
NFL sportscaster Collinsworth – CRIS
Not of this world – ALIEN
Plaintiffs – SUERS
Poetic contraction – EER
Poll fig. – PCT
Prefix with musicology – ETHNO
Prepares to sail, maybe – UNMOORS
Prerequisites – NEEDS
President between Tyler and Taylor – POLK
Pricing word – PER
Raised railroads – ELS
Rwanda native – HUTU
Same old same old – USUAL
Sign, as a contract – ENTER INTO
Spanish cheer – OLE
Speedy – ZAPPY
Start of a fitness motto – USE IT
Sticks for drum majors – BATONS
Store in a hold – STOW
Stuffy-sounding – NASAL
Support beam – JOIST
Tavern offering – ALE
Temporary shelter – TENT
To boot – TOO
Treat in a box with a circus wagon design – ANIMAL CRACKER
Tried to outrun – RACED
Tussaud’s title: Abbr. – MME
Wall St. trader – ARB
Word with light or shade – LAMP
Words on Volume One, maybe – A TO


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