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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Friday-December 2 2016
Annie Hall or “Notting Hill” – ROMCOM
Arm-twists – COERCES

Article of personal property – CHATTEL
Athletic wear named for an anagram of what it does – SPANDEX
Ball game – LOTTO
Can you break ___? – ATEN
Card initials – STL
Ceremonial basin – LAVABO
Claims, with “on” – HASDIBS
Cracker Jack come-on : – PRIZEINSIDE
Dallas-to-Houston dir. – SSE
Decade when ZIP codes were introduced – SIXTIES
Dictionary’s end – ZEE
Dinosaur in Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” – ARLO
Downloaded, say – GOT
Dr. Strangelove or “Borat” – SATIRE
Emulate a popinjay – PREEN
Fearless – BOLD
Female in the woods – SHEBEAR
Fingers crossed! – HERESHOPING
First name in foundations – ESTEE
Forsaken – ALLALONE
Front ends? – CEASEFIRES
Genteel establishment – TEAROOM
Grumpy state – BADMOOD
Hairstyle that’s very big – AFRO
Her name is ___ and she dances on the sand (1983 pop lyric) – RIO

Heraldic wreath – ORLE
If things don’t change … – ATTHISRATE
It borders Hudson Bay: Abbr. – ONT
It comes with a dish – SATELLITETV
Jerry’s partner – BEN
Lasting impression – SCAR
Like some inspections – ONSITE
M*A*S*H co-star – FARR
Monkey with a repetitive name – TITI
Montessori and Sharapova – MARIAS
Not as much – LESSSO
Odyssey peak – OSSA
One may open an issue – EDITORSNOTE
Only creature besides humans to farm other creatures – ANT
Oz. sextet – TSPS
Pakistan’s ___ Khan University – AGA
Parting words – CIAOS
Paul of “There Will Be Blood” – DANO
Phaethon’s father, in myth – HELIOS
Picture frame? – CEL
Presumptive – APRIORI
Reward for acting well? – OSCARNOD
Rolls with the punches – ADAPTS
Sat in a dugout? – CANOED
Scottish “John” – IAN
Shortly – ANON
Some hospital readings – VITALS
Something an athlete puts on – GAMEFACE
Southern California’s ___ Point – DANA
State – ALLEGE
Suffix with lip- – ASE
Syllables in a children’s refrain – HIHO
The best or nothing sloganeer, informally – MERCEDES
Universal Studios, formerly – MCA
Veiled promise? – IDO
Verb that can combine with its past tense – SEE
Verge – EVE
Visits – GOESTO
What a needle may indicate: Abbr. – MPH
When Banquo dies in “Macbeth” – ACTIII
Xerox setting: Abbr. – LTR
You ___ worry – NEEDNT

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