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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Friday November 25 2016
__ West Lips Sofa (Dali piece) – MAE
1958 Chevrolet debut – IMPALA

4×4, e.g. – BEAM
Actress Raines of “Tall in the Saddle” – ELLA
Affronted shout – HEY
Archaeological find of 1974 – LUCY
Arriving at just the right moment – HEAVENSENT
Car buyer’s option – SEDAN
Cello attachment near the bridge – MUTE
Class with a flexible schedule? – YOGA
College building – HALL
Contract stipulation – TERM
Creamy cocktails – ALEXANDERS
Dee-lish! – YUM
Difficult situations – SCRAPES
Drag out of a bed? – TRAWL
Dramatic dance moves – DIPS
Dubai, for one – EMIRATE
Early Nintendo competitor – ATARI
Expel – SPEW
Fairy tale cacklers – HAGS
Future reporter – SEER
Genghis Khan star, 1965 – SHARIF
Gunpowder containers – TEACADDIES
Hairy one in a Bible story – ESAU
Has every right to do – EARNS
I’m impressed! – NICE
Immersive experience – BAPTISM
In need of orientation, say – NEW
It lets you see what you missed – TIVO
Land beyond the tree line – TUNDRA
Landing gear? – SPACESUITS
Like many an emergency door – ALARMED
Like most of Mauritania – ARID
Make it – COME
Marathon runner’s bane – HILL
Meter user – POET
Mutual understanding – ACCORD
Necktie material – SATIN
Numbered vehicle – RACECAR
Nursery purchase – SOD
Open hostilities – HOTWAR
Orlando Bloom’s “The Lord of the Rings” role – LEGOLAS
Paul or Simon – APOSTLE
Pax ___ (century preceding W.W. I) – BRITANNICA

Pentathlete’s need – EPEE
Person who’s getting bigger – RISINGSTAR
Play containing the line “Good night, sweet prince” – HAMLET
Prepared statement – TAXRETURN
Selfishly eager cry – MEFIRST
Sewer’s edge – HEM
Show piece? – SCENE
Showgirl prop – BOA
Sore muscle treatment – ALCOHOLRUB
Speaker of the line in 40-Down – HORATIO
Special fondness – PARTIALITY
Spiritless – LEADEN
Straightaway – ASAP
Strongly disparage – BASH
Stuff sold in squeeze bottles – CATSUP
Take stock? – RUSTLE
Teacher’s homework – LESSONPLAN
Thanksgiving side dish, informally – TATERS
Top motion – SPIN
Unconvincing response to “Why?” – BECAUSE
Unlooked-for results – BYPRODUCTS
Versed – ADEPT
Ward healers, for short – MDS


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