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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Monday November 21 2016
‘Hearts and minds’ military maneuver, briefly – PSYOP
‘If only!’ – IWISH

‘Man, that smarts!’ – YEOW
1988 film about the Black Sox scandal – EIGHTMENOUT
Actress Christine of ‘Chicago Hope’ – LAHTI
Air kiss sound – MWAH
Amusement park with the Nitro roller coaster – SIXFLAGS
Approaches – NEARS
Approval from Siskel and Ebert – TWOTHUMBSUP
Aussie greeting – GDAY
Bird that says ‘Give a hoot! Don’t pollute!’ – OWL
Bollywood dress – SARI
Bowling alley button – RESET
Canadian gas brand – ESSO
Canceled, as a launch – NOGO
Character in ‘I, Claudius’ – NERO
Cockpit info: Abbr – ALT
Compete in the Nordic combined, say – SKI
Cosmetician Lauder – ESTEE
Counterparts of amateurs – PROS
Country music’s Tucker – TANYA
Custard base – EGGS
Driving condition in a blizzard – ZEROVISIBILITY
Drug also known as angel dust – PCP
Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind’ was rewritten to honor her – DIANA
Fairy tale monster – OGRE
Fencing blade – EPEE
Focus of a yearly shot – FLU
Fortuneteller – SEER
Furry creature in ‘Return of the Jedi’ – EWOK
Go 4-0 in the Series, e.g – SWEEP
Greece’s Mount ___ – OSSA
Heinz product – CATSUP
How an extreme underdog wins … or this puzzle? – AGAINSTALLODDS
Ignited, as a match – LIT
Ivy League sch. in Philly – UPENN
Letter holder: Abbr – ENV
Loosen, as laces – UNTIE
Lucy’s partner – DESI
Made smile – AMUSED
Mediterranean fruits – FIGS
Michelin winter product – SNOWTIRE
N.B.A.’s Magic, on scoreboards – ORL
Naval officer: Abbr – ENS
Not ___ many words – INSO
Note between fa and la – SOL
Org. for which Edward Snowden once worked – NSA
Plant life – FLORA
Pop with no fizz – FLATSODA
Printed defamation – LIBEL
R&B group with the #1 hit ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’ – FOURTOPS
Rainy – WET

Rodeo rope – LASSO
Shirt that might say ‘I’m with stupid’ – TEE
Steinbeck’s ‘The Grapes of ___’ – WRATH
Summer drinks – ADES
Supernatural tabloid fodder – UFOS
Taste or touch – SENSE
The Bible’s Garden of ___ – EDEN
Times New Roman, e.g – FONT
Tirade – RANT
Traditional Christmas plants – POINSETTIAS
W. Hemisphere alliance – OAS
Western lily – SEGO
What eyeglass lenses fit in – RIMS
What light bulbs represent in cartoons – IDEAS
Wipe clean, as a blackboard – ERASE
Word after income, sales or excise – TAX
Words at the altar – IDO
___ Alley, shopping area for Harry Potter – DIAGON
___ of a gun – SON
___ Q’s (Hostess brand) – SUZY
___ strip (mathematical curiosity) – MOBIUS
___-friendly – USER
___-pitch softball – SLO


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