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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday November 19 2016
_ juris (of legal age) SUI
___ pearls (tapioca lookalike) – SAGO

39-Across, informally – ANAL
A storm’s a-brewin’ – UHOH
A vast quantity – SEAS
Alternative to a tap – PSST
App tappers STYLI
Arabic patronymic part – IBN
Author whose “Earth’s Children” series has sold more than 45 million copies – AUEL
Blip on a radar screen – PLANE
Bucko – LAD
Cognizance – KEN
Common microwaveable dish – RAMEN
Counterpart to 22-Across – YIN
Counterpart to 24-Across – YANG
Deadlock – ENDINATIE
Dish made with mayo – SLAW
Doesn’t toss back, say – SIPS
Event requiring an S.E.C. filing – IPO
Food chain – IHOP
Former minority whip in both the House and Senate – LOTT
Had a bad feeling – ACHED
Haiti’s ___-a-Vache – ILE
Hardly a piece of cake – NODAYATTHEBEACH
High class – NOBLESSE
Hindi for “palace” – MAHAL
His gravestone says simply “PLAYWRIGHT” – INGE
Inclination RAMP
It seeks pledges annually FRAT
It sold for a penny at its 1851 launch – THENEWYORKTIMES
Italian sausage ingredient – ANISE
It’s a must – NEED
J. M. Barrie’s Mr. Smee, e.g. – BOSN
Katey of “Sons of Anarchy” – SAGAL

Lady of Camelot – ENID
Lead actress on TV’s “Scandal” – KERRYWASHINGTON
Like neat freaks – ULTRAFASTIDIOUS
Like some feet – CUBIC
Logical connector – ERGO
Loser of the Drama in Bahama – ALI
Military testing grounds and such – NOGOAREAS
Minus – SANS
Miss, abroad: Abbr. – SRTA
Mrs., abroad – FRAU
Name on a range – AMANA
North Carolina motto opener – ESSE
Old Trans Am feature – TTOP
Olympic event with singles, doubles and team relay – LUGE
Org. featured in 2014’s “Cesar Chavez” UFW
Paul Bunyan’s toothpicks – LOGS
Pirate, e.g. ROB
Precursor of rocksteady – SKA
Program whose prospects are looking up? – SETI
Pronouncements – DICTA
Rain forest nut – KOLA
Salmon seasoning DILL
Scrap – SETTO
Shade – TINGE
Skated on thin ice RANARISK
Something taken in preparation for a trip LSD
Square UNHIP
Subj. of the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 – PCBS
Subject of “How the Other Half Lives” SLUM
The Beijing Olympics mascot Jingjing, e.g. PANDA
Title for the leader of Chile or South Korea – MADAMEPRESIDENT
Where East meets West? – NBAALLSTARGAMES


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