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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday November 26 2016
__ wrestling – MUD
Adolph who coined the motto “All the News That’s Fit to Print” – OCHS

Ancient playwright who specialized in New Comedy – TERENCE
Asian appetizer – SATE
Birth announcement info: Abbr. – LBS
Brazilian state capital – NATAL
Breeze – SNAP
Can’t help but – HAVETO
Chilling – ATEASE
Clobbered, in British slang – LAMPED
Coffee shop menu adjective – ICED
Core component – IRON
Cost of fighting? – WARDEBT
Country of 180+ million people that has never participated in the Winter Olympics – NIGERIA
Covered area near the fingertip – NAILBED
Deal! – IMIN
Definitely not a city slicker – RURALIST
Drinking game where each bar that’s visited is considered a hole – PUBGOLF
Dungeons & Dragons class – MAGE
Facebook acquired it in 2014 for $19.3 billion – WHATSAPP
General Israel of the American Revolution – PUTNAM
Going by – AKA
Hit the big time – MADEIT
In force? – ENLISTED
Japanese honorific – SAN
Just not done? – RAW
Kid-lit character with a “Purple Crayon” – HAROLD
Lead-in to -drome – VELO
Leaves on the menu? – SALAD
Like 38-Down – ROMAN
Like noir detective novels, typically – HARDEDGED
Locks in place for a while? – PERMS
Longfellow’s “Evangeline,” e.g. – EPIC
Made a bad impression on – DENTED
May honorees, colloquially – MOMMAS
Narrator of Broadway’s “Hamilton” – AARONBURR
Not at all sharp – DIM
Org. featured in 16-Across – NASA
Pick me! Pick me! – OHOH
Player of oldies when they were newies – HIFI
Playground rejoinder – ARENOT
Pound with sound – DEAFEN

Presidential middle name – ABRAM
Raised, as a trapdoor – PRIEDUP
Reggae’s Peter – TOSH
Religious period dating from A.D. 622 – MUSLIMERA
Response to “Gracias” – DENADA
River flowing from the Garden of Eden, in the Bible – TIGRIS
Sanders, for one: Abbr. – SEN
Sci-fi hit whose tagline is “Bring him home” – THEMARTIAN
Search for oneself on Google, e.g. – EGOSURF
See 4-Down – WATSON
Snackable treat on a stick – CAKEPOP
Some farm vehicles – DEERES
Something seen on cold days – BREATH
Stands on the hind legs, in dialect – RARESUP
Stand-up comedian’s prop, often – STOOL
Stereotypical wear for a crackpot theorist – TINFOILHAT
Sticky treats – CARAMELS
Stops waffling – OPTS
Subway alternative – PANERA
Suddenly attack – LASHAT
Swedish pop group whose 1994 hit “The Sign” was #1 for six weeks – ACEOFBASE
The orangutan, in “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” – CULPRIT
With 1-Down, five-time winner of the British Open – TOM
You think you’re soooo funny … – HAHAHA


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