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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday December 01, 2016.
goes the neighborhood – THERE
2004 film about artificial intelligence – IROBOT

About 45 miles of it touch Canada – IDAHO
Airport monitor datum – ARRIVAL
Audiophiles’ purchases – CDS
Bask (in) – GLORY
Beam bent at 90 degree – LBAR
Cardinals’ home – ARIZONA
Classic novel about an orphan girl mistakenly sent to Prince Edward Island – ANNEOFGREENGABLES
Cry feebly – MEWL
Deteriorates – ERODES
Dish topped with bacon, cheese and sour cream – LOADEDBAKEDPOTATO
Dominates, informally – OWNS
Drains (from) – SAPS
Edutainment cartoon featuring a teacher named Ms. Frizzle – THEMAGICSCHOOLBUS
Ending with fan – ZINE
Fictional character who says “I’d strike the sun if it insulted me” – AHAB
Field of Jean-Luc Godard – CINE
Fight stopper, for short – TKO
Football Hall-of-Famer Newsome – OZZIE
Gillette razors – ATRAS
Go slower – EASEUP
Growth along a ski run – FIR
Home to a famous mausoleum – AGRA
How some bonds are sold – ATPAR
Instructed – BADE
Kentucky’s Fort ___ – KNOX
Labor day class? – LAMAZE
Lay on thick – OVERDO
Like the rotation of the earth – AXIAL
Low-pitched part of a song – BASSLINE
Make a sudden turn – ZAG
Museum piece – RELIC
Nacho accompaniment … or a feature of 17-, 35- and 52-Across? – BEANDIP
Neighbor of Burkina Faso – MALI
Not dive in, say – WADE
Of the open sea – PELAGIC
On the double! – ASAP
One blowing off steam? – KETTLE
One filling out personnel forms, say – HIREE
Pitiful bunch – SADLOT

Pulls down – EARNS
Quetzalcoatl, e.g. – GOD
Seussian environmentalist – LORAX
Skimobiler’s wear – ANORAK
Slew – SCAD
Sloppy smooch – WETKISS
Smooth over – IRON
Soldier’s assignment – UNIT
Sonoran Desert river – GILA
South American territory in the game Risk – PERU
Stringed instrument usually played sitting down – SITAR
Subject of the 2011 book “These Guys Have All the Fun” – ESPN
Suffix with klepto- – CRAT
Suit – EXEC
Supermodel Lima – ADRIANA
Supershort skirts – MICROS
Surprised exclamations – OHOS
Swiss tourist destination – INTERLAKEN
Tamed, as a bronco – RIDEABLE
Tear violently – REND
Trapshooting targets, informally – SKEETS
Trick out – ADORN
Valedictorian’s pride, for short – GPA
Vibe – AURA
Welcomed at the doorstep – ASKEDIN
White out – SNOWY
Winter respite – THAW
Withdrew – RECEDED
Word with stick or gun – GLUE
Yosemite runner – IMAC


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