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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday November 17 2016
Academie ___ Beaux-Arts – DES
Big jerks? – TUGS

Big name in chain saws – STIHL
Bishop’s title in the Coptic Church – ABBA
Black birds – ANIS
Camera variety, briefly – SLR
Careful way to think – TWICE
Class for a one-L – TORTS
Color akin to turquoise – BERYL
Comment to a brother or sister – AMEN
Company’s marketing group – SALESTEAM
Dawdler – SNAIL
Doesn’t stick to the topic – RAMBLES
Done in desperation – LASTGASP
Dreaded guy? – RASTAMAN
Eurozone member beginning in 2015 – LITHUANIA
Exams with a max. score of 180 – LSATS
Extras in many apocalyptic movies – LOOTERS
Eyes, shoulders and knees have them – SOCKETS
Father figures – SIRES
Fed up with – MADAT
French connections – ETS
Get off the ground? – LEAP
Give a rip – CARE
Go after, as a fly – SWATAT
Harold who directed “Groundhog Day” – RAMIS
Having everything in its place – TIDY
High priest? – LAMA
Hit on the head – BEAN
Hookups for hydrants – WATERMAINS
Hot rod wheels – MAGS
In pen? – CAGEDUP
Insect with multi-queen colonies – PHARAOHANT
Jargon – CANT
King of the 18th dynasty – TUT
Krypton, for one – RAREGAS
Latina title: Abbr. – SRTA
Leave in a bad way – STRAP
Longtime home of the Tappet Brothers – NPR
Mitch who wrote the best seller “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” – ALBOM
Nice ideas come from them – TETES
One of the eggs used in this 1986 film is now exhibited at the Smithsonian – ALIENS
Passover mo., often – APR
Piece of living room decor – TABLELAMP
Popeye villain who sailed the Black Barnacle – SEAHAG
Power plant quantity – MEGAWATTS

Prompts – CUES
Reactions of wonderment – AHS
See Notepad – MUMMY
Sentence shortener, at times – PLEA
The only sensual pleasure without vice, per Samuel Johnson – MUSIC
They beat as one, in a U2 song – TWOHEARTS
They come with strings attached – TEABAGS
Things – ITEMS
Tree frog with a distinctive call – PEEPER
Video game featuring an archaeologist heroine – TOMBRAIDER
Walk all over – USE
When repeated, testing of a mic – TAP
Whirlpool subsidiary – AMANA
Work not of the buffa style – OPERASERIA


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