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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 22 2016
_ Lingus – AER
___ Theater, venue of “The Phantom of the Opera,” the longest-running production in Broadway history – MAJESTIC

Ashen – WAN
Belligerent Greek god – ARES

Bro or sis – SIB
Capital of Jordan – AMMAN
Carmen setting – SPAIN
Carolers’ repertoire – NOELS
Casual sign-off in a letter – BEST
Cock and bull – MALES
Coke or Pepsi – SODA
Cousin of a cobbler – CRISP
Crack shooters – MARKSMEN
Dallas cager, informally – MAV
Dark brown rodents with long tails and large eyes – FIELDMICE
Darn! – RATS
Decorates, as a cake – ICES
Drunkards – SOTS
Eastern or Western, for hoopsters – NBACONFERENCE
Elitist sort – SNOB
Expressed amazement – OOHED
Film character who was asked to “Play it” – SAM
Frank who directed “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” – CAPRA
Garrison Keillor’s home state – MINNESOTA
Grace ender – AMEN
Haha, u r hilarious – LOL
Hand, to Javier – MANO
Himalayan land – NEPAL
In working order – USABLE
It might involve mutual raising of tariffs – TRADEWAR

Kind of client – EMAIL
Knot – TIE
Like the four things named in the shaded squares – NONKOSHER
Like yarn – SPUN
Marmalade container – JAR
Max’s opposite – MIN
Meeting point for tailors? – SEAM
Memorable 2011 hurricane – IRENE
Mideast’s Gulf of ___ – OMAN
Mineral in layers – MICA
Momma’s partner – POPPA
Most sensible – SANEST
MSNBC’s “Morning ___” – JOE
Mud – MIRE
Musical syllable after “oom” – PAH
Musical talent, informally – CHOPS
Old radio show set in Harlem – AMOSNANDY
One of the Marx Brothers – HARPO
Onetime arcade giant – ATARI
Opposite of 57-Across, to Muslims – HALAL
Outdo – ONEUP
Pizza chain found in many food courts – SBARRO
Possesses – HAS
Preppy shirt – POLO
Proactiv target – ACNE
Quite a ways away – AFAR
Rehearsed a piece through from start to finish, in theater lingo – RANIT
Sault ___ Marie, Ont. – STE
Scent – ODOR
Shoppe descriptor – OLDE
Something might be brought back by this – POPULARDEMAND
Something record-breaking – AFIRST
Sweater ___ – VEST
Talking horse of 1960s TV – MRED
The Canadian loonie or toonie, e.g. – COIN
This doesn’t look good – UHOH
Tour de France sights – BIKES
Trick-taking game with a 48-card deck – PINOCHLE
Versatile eating implement – SPORK
Voodoo spell – MOJO
What’s punched into an A.T.M., redundantly – PINNUMBER
When doubled, a South Seas island – BORA
When you get it – AHAMOMENT
Where the heart is – HOME
Woes – ILLS
Word before and after “will be” – BOYS


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