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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 16 2016
__ fides (credentials) – BONA
1960s TV icon whose name follows a pair of letters found, appropriately, 16 times in this puzzle’s Across answers – BATMAN
2015 Whitey Bulger biopic – BLACKMASS

Achieve great success – GOFAR
Actress Davis of “Beetlejuice” – GEENA
Altar vow – IDO
Apocalypse Now setting, familiarly – NAM
Ask “Can I?” repeatedly, say – NAG
Available from a keg – ONTAP
Bad to the bone – EVIL
Ball’s partner – ARNAZ
Bart or Ringo – STARR
Basics – ABCS
Bees collect it – NECTAR
Big name in sports shoes – AVIA
Bob Cratchit’s job in “A Christmas Carol” – CLERK
British soldier in the Revolution – REDCOAT
Build-___ Workshop (toy retailer) – ABEAR
Chomsky who wrote “Syntactic Structures” – NOAM
Chows down – EATS
Citrus drinks – ADES
City called the “Silicon Valley of India” – BANGALORE
Close – NEAR
College in New Rochelle, N.Y. – IONA
Computer cooler – FAN
Cookie that started as a Hydrox knockoff – OREO
Cool, in the 1960s – GROOVY
Country singer Loretta – LYNN
Crowd reactions to a daredevil – GASPS
Diarist Frank – ANNE
Dreamboat – ADONIS
Duke Ellington’s “Take the ___” – ATRAIN
Early American diplomat Silas – DEANE
Easily bruised fruit – BANANA
Embarrassing laugh accompanier – SNORT
Genghis Khan, e.g. – MONGOL
Get better – HEAL
Gift of ___ – GAB
Gives a bad review – PANS
Granny – NANA
Hamburger holders – BUNS
Hang-ups – SNAGS
Hawaiian coffee region – KONA
Hendrix famously used one in his Woodstock rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” – WHAMMYBAR
Indian drums similar to bongos – TABLAS
Jacob’s first wife – LEAH
Kicked off – BEGAN
Like a virgin – CHASTE
Like most knock-knock jokes – OLD
Like yellow 17-Acrosses – RIPE
Little Italian girls – BAMBINAS
Lug – HAUL
Maple syrup, essentially – SAP
Microsoft’s defunct digital encyclopedia – ENCARTA
Mini-albums, informally – EPS
Modest two-piece bathing suit – TANKINI
Mop, as a deck – SWAB
Musher puller – SLEDDOG
News network with a stock ticker – CNBC
Olympian war god – ARES
Org. for the New York Liberty – WNBA

Org. with a “100 Years … 100 Movies” list – AFI
Post-lunch pick-me-up – POWERNAP
Pub orders – ALES
QB Brett – FAVRE
Question repeatedly posed by Ferris Bueller’s teacher – ANYONE
Quickly pan (in) – ZOOM
Rare blood type, for short – ANEG
Record of the year – ANNAL
Silent screen actress Naldi – NITA
Singer of love songs – BALLADEER
Tee preceder – ESS
Teen’s affliction – ACNE
Tennis player who posthumously received a Presidential Medal of Freedom – ASHE
This weighs a ___! – TON
Time in history – ERA
When doubled, a 2010s dance – NAE
Why should ___? (“No, it doesn’t bother me”) – IMIND


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