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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 23 2016
__ and hers – HIS
___ cent – PER

___ for life – SCAR
___ Park, Colo. – ESTES
___-out clause – OPT
1984 worker – PROLE
Allocate, with “out” – METE
Amount left in Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard – NONE
Animal in “Home on the Range” – DEER
Bagel variety – RYE
Becomes compost – ROTS
Boston daily – GLOBE
Choosy ___ choose Jif (ad slogan) – MOMS
Company that makes Valium – ROCHE
Company whose spokesduck is on Twitter – AFLAC
Composer Jule – STYNE
Crude letters? – OPEC
Delight – ELATE
Edit menu option – FIND
Family man – PAPA
Fast-food chain known for its root beer – AANDW
Female street-racing champion? – DRAGSTERQUEEN
Filmmaker Ferrara – ABEL
Financing initials – APR
Former PBS host with a bow tie – NYE
Full of oomph – ZIPPY
Furniture concern – SAG
Gossip – DISH
Help at the gym, say – SPOT
High military figure? – PARATROOPER
Iridescent stone – OPAL
Lakeside Ohio county – ERIE
Like N.F.L. games ending in a tie – RARE
Longtime Disney C.E.O. – EISNER
Massage place – SPA
Musical instrument with a flared end – OBOE
Nathan Hale, for the Colonies – SPY
Noneditorial magazine worker, informally – ADREP
Note to a creditor – IOU
Occur – ARISE
One of a Disney septet – DOPEY

Org. for piece keepers? – NRA
Ostentatious member of the Mafia? – FLASHMOBSTER
Overly sentimental – SAPPY
Palindromic blast – TOOT
Perfect truck driver for the job? – DREAMTEAMSTER
Piercing place – LOBE
Prime hunting time – OPENSEASON
Princess Peach’s savior in video games – MARIO
Quaint lament – WOEISME
Race in an H. G. Wells book – ELOI
Salty salad topping – FETA
Scalp, say – RESELL
Sentence structure? – CELL
Separate – APART
Ship part spelled with two apostrophes – FOCSLE
Skatepark fixture – RAIL
Some E.R. cases – ODS
Something carried surreptitiously into an alt-rock concert? – HIPSTERFLASK
Something hikers take – PATH
Standard feature of an action film – CHASESCENE
Sushi tuna – AHI
Suspicious – SHADY
T, on a fraternity house – TAU
Testing stage – BETA
That feels so-o-o good! – AAH
The sun – SOL
The Walking Dead network – AMC
Tight hug – SQUEEZE
Tip on a sweatshirt string – AGLET
Two twos, for one – PAIR
Uh-huh, of course – IBET
Ultimatum ending – ORELSE
Vichyssoise vegetables – LEEKS
What, me worry? magazine – MAD


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