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Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Wednesday-November 30 2016
pinch – INA
___ purse – HOBO

___ smear – PAP
Acidity measures – PHS
Ambrose who wrote “The Devil’s Dictionary” – BIERCE
British P.M. between Churchill and Macmillan – EDEN
Casual greetings – HIS
Celebrity – STAR
Contract add-on – RIDER
Cries of surprise – OHS
Doctor’s order for recuperation – BEDREST
Eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids – ROE
First state to declare Christmas a legal holiday – ALABAMA
Footnote abbr. – IBID
Friendly relationship – RAPPORT
Funny outtake – BLOOPER
Garlicky mayonnaise – AIOLI
Gather – REAP
Get up – ARISE
Get. Out. Of. Here! – OMG
Gleams – SHINES
Goes out for a bit? – NAPS
Golf goal – PAR
Great Dane? – HAMLET
Groovy things, for short? – LPS
Ham on ___ – RYE
Hard-core – AVID
Having a baby makes one – MOM
Having a baby makes one – DAD
Having the least fat – LEANEST
In addition – ELSE
In good physical condition – TRIM
Insides of coats – LININGS
Iraq war danger, for short – IED
It can help you get a leg up – OTTOMAN
Jeopardize – THREATEN

Kind of talk – TED
Leather bag for wine – BOTA
Leaves high and dry – DESERTS
Like 49-Across – STEEPED
Like some albums and skills – MASTERED
Like some cheeks and outlooks – ROSY
List in movie credits – CAST
Lover – ROMEO
Magazine with a fold-in back cover – MAD
Many a time – OFTEN
Massage joints – SPAS
Merits – EARNS
Miners dig it – ORE
Money makers – MINTS
New colander from Apple? – ISTRAIN
New parachute from Apple? – IDROP
New push-up bra from Apple? – ILIFT
New sports equipment from Apple? – IBALL
New tracking device from Apple? – ISHADOW
New whip from Apple? – ILASH
Not looking good at all – GRIM
Numerous – LEGION
Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” for two – NOVELLAS
Perfidy – DECEIT
Plenty angry, with “off” – TEED
Preceder of Barbara or Clara – SANTA
Predicted – FORETOLD
Pruning tools – SHEARS
Rings up? – HALOS
Scones go-with – TEA
Scrap, with “of” – DISPOSE
Season ticket holder, e.g. – FAN
Seed cover – ARIL
Slightly – ATAD
So, so cute – TWEE
Some mutterings – ASIDES
Swabbed – MOPPED
Tedious task – CHORE
Thomas who wrote “Buddenbrooks” – MANN
What might make a nose wrinkle – ODOR
What Pac-Man eats – DOTS
Writer Jaffe – RONA


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