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Here are the answers to Newsday.com Crossword puzzles Friday-December 2 2016.
”Get someone else” – ICANT
”Hollywood’s Biggest Night” presentations – OSCARS

”Of all the luck!” – RATS
”The Classic Game of India” – PARCHEESI
Arbitrary order – FIAT
Attorney General before Loretta – ERIC
Bit of headway – DENT
Boccaccio’s love – AMORE
Campus getting a Stephen King Chair – ORONO
Candy Crush __ (puzzle app) – SAGA
Caribbean music – SKA
City near Tesla’s battery factory – RENO
Close contest – HORSERACE
Comics pet sound – ARF
Comptrollers, often: Abbr – CPAS
Court with a number – SINGTO
Culmination – ZENITH
Declines as enthusiasm – WANES
Entered rapidly – FLEWIN
Fascinate – ENCHANT
Flummoxed – ATSEA
Fortune-teller’s title, often: Abbr – MME

Get in the game – SEEACTION
Go ahead of – PRECEDE
GPS grid – STS
Guitar clamp – CAPO
Hamburger guy – HERR
Hispanic bro code – MACHISMOCULTURE
Hub of Bolivia – LAPAZ
Its quarter honors Helen Keller – ALABAMA
Jazzes (up) – AMPS
Kibitzing – PALAVER
Lays out – SPENDS
Logician’s conclusion – QED
Many cabs – SEDANS
Mass quantities: Abbr – LBS
Merest hint – TRACE

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