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Here are the answers to Newsday.com Crossword puzzles Saturday November 26 2016.
‘The nursery of England’s gentlemen” – ETON
Abe Lincoln’s dad – TOM

Babysits – SEESTO
Bartender’s product – POTATION
Be thick (with) – TEEM
Brand promoting ”bare skin” – NAIR
Bring aboard – ADD
British solo singer – SADE
Bucks – DOREMI
Bugs, Barney, Speedy, Sam, etc – MEL
Buttonwood tree – SYCAMORE
Bye, essentially – PASS
Chromatically drained – ASHY
Club Babalu owner – RICARDO
Cold War-era NORAD display – CRT
Comic on a 2014 Canadian stamp – MIKEMYERS
Declutter – TIDY
Distiller that merged with Louis Vuitton – HENNESSY
Early video-game console brand – ATARI
Faces on screen, perhaps – SKYPES
First Niagara Center team – SABRES
Florida lake invaders – ALLIGATORS
Formal wear for Prince William – SASH
Formula One team since year one – FERRARI
Four-test battery first developed for GIs – GED
Frequent flyer category – TIER
Gargoyles, for example – ORNAMENTS
Garlic for a toothache, e.g – HOMEREMEDY
Gilds the lily – OVERDOESIT
Home of the Longhorns – AUSTIN
Hooted and hollered – CLAMORED
How ”See me” might be written – INRED
Hungarian-born philanthropist – SOROS
Itinerario turistico – ITALIA

Lavish productions – EPICS
Law school course – EVIDENCE
Light-brown paint shade – PECAN
Lozenge-shape pattern – ARGYLE
Merest amount – DAMN
Misattribution of skill, perhaps – LUCK
Model painter’s implement – QTIP
Multi-rm. accommodation – STE
National Gallery attractions – MANETS
NCAA institution – SCH
Nubian of operadom – AIDA
Of significant impact – PERCUSSIVE
Offered up or handed down – RENDERED
One of Hank’s ”Simpsons” voices – MOE
One of Harry’s ”Simpsons” voices – NED
Only character which won two actors Oscars – VITO
Pier group – STEVEDORES
Professional podcast producer – NPR
Ramen cousin – UDON
Raspy Hall of Fame rocker – SEGER
Rock that underlies Manhattan – SCHIST
Royal sister in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion – ELSA
Sheep’s clothing, so to speak – GUISE
Sign on stage – CUE
Species in ”Leopardus” – OCELOT
Symbol of grace in South Asia – SARI
Tablets taken in tribute – PLAQUES
Take on a break – NOSHON
Taking it no more – FEDUP
They draw out some NCAA contests – OTS
Titian contemporary – TINTORETTO
Where Mary Barra is CEO – GMCORP
Word associated with rules and rolls – KAISER
Word from Old French for ”compete” – STRIVE
__ flute – ALTO


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