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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Friday-December 2 2016.
Fizzy gin and it does lead to organic decomposition – DIGESTION
Adolescent going to Post Office for illicit liquor – POTEEN

Aircraft got diverted around Zimbabwean leader’s la-la land – PLANETZOG
Area embracing state’s belief system – RELIGION
Attach an inner layer to navy fabric – LINEN
Boy standing to welcome Hungary’s first writer – DAHL
Doctor taking drug to poor lad in madhouse – BEDLAM
Drama series set in computerless IT company! – SITCOM
Drive away with panini filling during celebration – BANISH
Endless destitution is plain for all to see – OVERT
Fastener made by special workers on ship – SCREW
Graph in Chapter 1 redrawn – PIECHART
Lecturer tucked into hot cake – STOLLEN
List drug written up as class A – TIP
Note added to unusual tune for dance – MINUET
Piece in newspaper covering Steptoe & Son? – FRAGMENT
Pope and priest working on disagreement – PONTIFF
Publicity about animal on ship – ABOARD

See 16 – TOP
Series of steps looks hard to an audience – STAIRS
Setter’s into dirty books to get first of six basic principles – RUDIMENTS
Six surrounding American in pub to no avail – INVAIN
Snap shut? – CLOSEUP
Soldier on exercise to reverse changes – PERSEVERE
Sound of dry grass – RYE
Starts to eat dry and mouldy cheese – EDAM
Storyline involving international aviator – PILOT
Terrible film about Newgate’s first jailer – TURNKEY
Unkind people decapitated animals – OTTERS
Vet with ideas about drug – SEDATIVE
Woman in short uniform – EVE
Worry about Tory leader joining large organisation restricting free trade – CARTEL


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