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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Friday November 18 2016.
Upstarts originally in costly house in our avenue — outrageous! – NOUVEAU
About to cut the old man’s hair – DREADS
Busy day — lawyer’s going ape – COPY

Clobber dealer senseless following acrimonious face-off – OUTFITTER
Courtesan in play treated with affection – STRUMPET
Damaged the cart’s wheel? Maybe – RATCHET
Deny making tour of women’s prison earlier – NEWGATE
Detective story — read end! – ASTUDYINSCARLET
Dog getting a stomach upset when man’s out – MALAMUTE
Has to keep English in very poor game – PHEASANTS
Is linked by time? That’s extremely premature – HASTIEST
Killer, some say with previous, was falsely arrested – OSWALD
Legendary flier’s the reason fantasy writer gets mentioned – WYVERN
Mate sheepishly, with hurt expression, getting caught — perfect! – TOUCHUP
Monkey, one protected by higher species? – HANUMAN
New entrant soft on crime – INCOMER

One spotted crossing road asleep, so needing treatment – LEOPARDESS
Poet’s sound recording – NOYES
Pull young lady? Get right in! – WRENCH
Queen involved in dishonest behaviour? Get outta here! – SCRAM
Recalled nice landlady serving Guinness? – ALEC
See 12 – RICHE
Set about working in mine — hurry! – STEPONIT
Set aside vote? That’s not British – ALLOT
Strip by Dutch male isn’t fantastic – DISMANTLE
Undoing of woman last month involving the opposite sex – ANNULMENT
Unitarian school disciplined statesman – SOUTHCAROLINIAN
Where royal profile is exactly right – ONTHEMONEY


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