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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Monday November 21 2016.
A treat for spectators — no support required – FREESTANDING
A trial spin? – WHIRL

Alternative accepted by such poor singers – CHORUS
American quiet in feeling anticipation – SUSPENSE
Angostura put out for Jason’s crew – ARGONAUTS
Closely follow master’s beliefs – DOGMAS
Current means of escape for a fox? – EARTH
Enclosure is not at all simple – COMPOUND
Girl taking on hairdressing business – SALON
Have a touch of colour and be miserable – FEELBLUE
Immaturity arising from great need – TENDERAGE
It’s put out in the dance interval – DISTANCE
London profits from this form of taxation – CAPITALGAINS
Makeshift draught excluders? – STOPGAPS
Name part of Hamlet, say – TITLEROLE
Occasionally switch positions – OFFANDON
Old record player – NEEDLE
One to vilify a British resident – ISLANDER

Plants for sycophants – CREEPERS
Pontoon is a card game – BRIDGE
River heron in distress – RHONE
She’s confused Euclid – DULCIE
Shows displeasure at seeing the brotherhood on board – SCOWLS
Sum granted to repair ocean wall – ALLOWANCE
Summary is not quite accurate – PRECIS
They were responsible for heat waves – CURLINGTONGS
To stop in Rhodes is tempting – DESIST
Worker restores ends in new building – STONEDRESSER


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