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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Monday November 28 2016.
‘Spritely’ — that’s the Spanish and French conclusion – ELFIN
A chartered accountant meant to take up scholastic life – ACADEMIA

A poisonous creeper – MAMBA
An oppressive blow for the Italians – SIROCCO
Cast or cast out – ACTORS
CO2 left to freeze – COOL
Coach given guidelines for players to follow – STAGEDIRECTIONS
Coming to no conclusion – ENDLESS
Dream of Black Bess? – NIGHTMARE
Fail to keep up a legend – SAGA
First-former? – CREATOR
Girl writing Guardian article – ANGELA
Having a choice makes them cross – ELECTORS
Humorist in the red, upset about raw deal, perhaps – EDWARDLEAR
In time, deserter will make mistakes – ERRATA

It’s plain stupid for a mountaineer – ALPINIST
Necessitated being collected – CALLEDFOR
Notepaper not bound to sell? – SHEETMUSIC
Notice one model getting fat – ADIPOSE
One in post bearing stamp of credibility – OFFICIAL
One may happily walk here during broadcast – ONAIR
Small marine detachment – ISLE
Some freedom allowed for fish picked up on route – LEEWAY
Team result is not the main topic of conver­sation – SIDEISSUE
They see and give audible approval – EYES
Tired horse hired by our leader? – HACKNEYED
Wants to sound negligent – LACKS
Where one is involved as an ex-president – EISENHOWER
Yet it might help you relax – STIFFDRINK


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