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Here are the answers to The Guardian Cryptic Crossword puzzles Thursday December 01, 2016.
‘Gosh!’ = ‘ok’ – ISAY
Vessel’s crew (émigrés in part, returning) – EWER

Allow time to take on outsiders in race – AGREE
Backed favourite vainly, lacking enthusiasm – TEPIDLY
Backs the last runners, not the first – ENDORSES
Boatman could be one better? – PUNTER
Clue: the pastern’s broken, but this horse won with certainty; it’s better than gambling (1,4,2,3,4,2,5,3,2,3,4) – ABIRDINTHE
Condone taking a gamble – ABET
Each-way stake – PUTUP
Eliot told fantastic tale of a friend to animals – DOOLITTLE
Features in rows, not a single one – NOSES
Fix odds in Derby fraud — no trial? – DRYRUN
Having no fun from creativity in one’s lifetime – SPARTAN
How a dark horse doesn’t appear to be at stake – PALE
Improved view, adapting plane details (just the wings) with CAD – LANDSCAPED
Initial cutting replacing tip, to dead-head – CAPUT
Makes smooth pieces for pianist drawn from plain inspirations – IRONS

Marketplace for anyone gambling on races and using tips – AGORA
Model here reveals a bit of leg — heavenly! – ONHIGH
North Americans’ casual California hideaways reported – CANUCKS
Old IT device in BASIC wordplay to check – KEYPUNCH
Old King Boatman seen in pseudomorphs – OEDIPUS
Pinions perhaps by firm force with parts of feet – COGWHEELS
Report on drugs used for relief – EASE
Revived with oxygen after backing first horse in wet conditions – BORNAGAIN
See 15 – HANDIS
Takes a risk, being seen in a dress – SARI
They help gamblers and prostitutes missing out having a flutter – TIPSTERS
Time being the end of season formerly – NONCE
Tried syncopated beat – TIRED
Wins clearly initially, if at length criticises umpire’s call – KOS


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