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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Thursday November 17 2016.
‘Oi, you need to explain toughie’, he said. By the way, it’s impossible! (3,3,5,3,3,4) – HEYYOU
Adverse reaction, as German behind bars injects man with vaccine from behind – BACKLASH

Alumnus feeding energetic type a peanut – GOOBER
Badger starts to chase Himalayan climber – CHIVY
Bully has knocked over the Wimbledon favourite — ‘e is knocked out! – DESPOT
Casual squeezes, say: women’s painful experience – LEGWAX
Fight exists amid calm – RESIST
Flash 21? – SPLIT
Friend holding a large potty for attorney’s assistant – PARALEGAL
Gas worker in better shape – FITTER
German ship to go after the end of four months? – BERLINER
It gets hot on Irish islands, very hot! – SAHARAN
Jerk with relations taking drugs? I don’t think so! – PULLTHEOTHERONE
Land fish, catching two, including first of skate – TUNISIA
List including a chicken, perhaps? – ROASTER

Look down on river holding drinks up – DESPISE
Lover subsequently put out? – OLDFLAME
Ludicrous, a shambles initially among stuff that’s contrary – ABSURD
Metal collected by rake, standard procedure – ROUTINE
Note brief question about a formation of flying geese – QUAVER
Player went to assist – LEFTBACK
Precious thing, important outlying northern island group – ORKNEY
See 2 – SECOND
Soldier dressed by setter put on a posh coat – MANTEAU
Sponsor of art wearing trousers apparently is needing no support? – LEVITATES
The liberal state supports one being moral – ETHICAL
Type of bend on rather flexible duct – URETHRA


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