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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 15 2016.
’40s actress is tee­total and fit, eating yogurt regularly – BETTY
11’s fine dressing – FLINT
After drink, sailor twirls to dance – RUMBA

Clever person — Sting, that is – SMARTIE
Criticises 11s – SLATES
Declares at cricket matches – ATTESTS
Do Russian rebels become old-fashioned types? – DINOSAURS
Docker does exert, working shifts 10 to 5 – STEVEDORE
Drink made from brown leaves? Not half! – TANGO
Encircle part of Britain or Belgium – INORB
Enough to get you drunk: no end of drink — is that morally wrong? – SINFUL
Exercise books lose one 11s – PEBBLES
Fighting animal volunteers upset leader – ATTACKING
Foreign articles close to home in war briefs, perhaps – UNDERWEAR
Foundation of plot 11 – BEDROCK
German philosopher covers the Spanish, English or Finnish instrument – KANTELE
Grounds for first divorce? I traded in sober adult – STADIA
It can help one get a start in life – INCUBATOR

Kind mother? – NATURE
Not interested in meals being delivered? – BORED
Plant on which money might grow? – BREADTREE
Quarrel breaking out nearby – BARNEY
Questions about IT? No one notices – POSTERS
Rule, which comes from above, they say – REIGN
See 23 – GRABLE
Sparkling wine for meat course, almost cooked – LAMBRUSCO
Spooner to ask for stories as extras – LEGBYES
Stoke-on-Trent’s code is a gem – STONE
Took time out squeezing muscle to be admired – RESPECTED
US fruit drink – SQUASH
Utter problem — there’s no time for pieces of 11 – RUBBLE
When they’re busy, they’ve nothing on – NUDISTS


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