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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 22 2016.
A writer enthralling mum, being trans­formative? – APEMAN
American lyricist said to be someone still developing technique? – LEARNER

Appeal to protect tree by hospital power supply years ago – CALDER
Cold part in which fish is taken by one reptile – CROCODILE
Colon now having a turn with obstruction – ASPINWALL
Condition is put into agreement for one seeking to avoid conflict – PACIFIST
Confused situation created by men in service – MORASS
Education’s No 1 place to the West? – YALE
Female in something underground before work that is well above ground level – ROOFTOP
Françoise who played tennis, ace on grass – DURRA
Group meeting this month, one absolutely fixed – SETINSTONE
Hot dish served up in Italian party – BALTI
I start life that’s formed with tiny particle? – FERTILISATION
Imprisoned in Exeter, a human demon – RAHU
In advance, give a sort of force to claim – PRETENSION
Interpret old poet – EXPOUND
Long day in which one has little energy when books are balanced? – YEAREND
Lovers being brusque almost after social function – DOTERS

Mug takes stupid risks injecting drug – KISSER
Nude is forced to get minimal attire – UNDIES
Party member left in the same place, one dumped – LIBDEM
Profane girl lacking seriousness – DISHALLOW
Right-wing bunch that was organised by one proverbially mad? – TEAPARTY
Routine changes where life develops – INUTERO
Sediment outside back of the church drains – LEECHES
See 4 – HALL
Small piece of paper in sink – SLIP
Stardust is evident in court — one believes everything has been planned – CALVINIST
Substitute powdering her nose, by the sound of it? – INLIEU


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