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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 29 2016.
A foreign greeting when turning up? – ALOHA
Attentive to detail, if back committing crime – FINICKING

Concerned with odour, emptied overfull workplace – OLFACTORY
Corresponding with Italian chap covering rugby – CONGRUENT
Coward’s boxing very unorthodox – NOVEL
English author’s cross — really cross — with university – FORDMADOXFORD
European comrade has another try – AMIGO
Faint report of crime by policeman close to scene – SYNCOPE
Fan of ceremonies last to leave hotel with posh celebs – RITUALIST
Filled envelopes a fiddle to fill in US state – RAVIOLI
Fire fellow following foolishness – GOOFF
Fresh air and Chianti drinking encountered in summer? – ARITHMETICIAN
Fuddy-duddy not having a partner – OUTOFDATE
Grassy areas acting as WC? – PLAYINGFIELDS
Handle drug put in acid the wrong way – TREAT
Hip name in design for person shopping – INFORMANT
Leader of Republicans plugging inane plan – DRAFT

Native American wraps papa eats in France – CREPE
Native islander to wander around on island – MAORI
No-go area hasn’t a twining aromatic plant – OREGANO
Not working hard? I will be active – ONTHEGO
Oddly ingenious PM’s working to engage crime-fighting assistant – HEATHROBINSON
Part of boat or vessel keeps swinging both ways – CABIN
Removal of Bush or Blair, unfortunately associated with Nazi – BRAZILIAN
Right pig stocked by man who’s bred bull here? – DARTBOARD
Special unit’s request to mine ground etc – TASKFORCE
Taoiseach’s content to go and pinch pound – THROB
This guy’s skill welcom­ed by drinking party – BARTENDER


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