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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 16 2016.

Article on speed or rate occasionally jars – AMPHORAE
Attractive girl in black Lincoln – BABE

Bubbly soup needs work, significant work – MAGNUMOPUS
Bush, a murderer, right at the top – ARBUTUS
Chunk of congenitally revolting tongue – LATIN
Doctor must get up, if time’s at a premium – TEMPUSFUGIT
Doing seller’s job out of uniform – ACTIONING
European races pig round hairpin — famous last words – ETTUBRUTE
Fish go in mid-December, so strike now! – CARPEDIEM
Forerunner of 9 puzzled centaurs – ETRUSCAN
Hacks ignore firm making disapproving noises – UGHS
House section of cruise missile – SEMI
Improving picture: judge and artist reach China – REFRAMING
List the best finally entering parliament – DETAIL
Look briefly across stage for exit lines – ELEGY
Married girl’s animus – MALICE
Nice grocer’s offloading water on a huge scale – EPIC
Old queen chopping vegetables works in Covent Garden – OPERAS

Old satirist begins shedding stone in judo etc – MARTIALARTS
Old soldiers hiding blunder land in 9 – TERRA
Oversupply a couple’s food additives – GLUTAMATES
Played hymn to 12 that’s on top of stack – CHIMNEYPOT
Rubbish ‘politician’ stuffs more balanced adversary, finally – TRUMPERY
Short of bakery job, say – NEEDING
Studies eastern and southern states – ESSAYS
Stylish novices rebuffing leading lady’s demands – INSISTS
Swimmers used to be trained in West – MEDUSAE
Watch patient eating date capsule – SEEDCASE
Water sources current doctor found in province – NIMBI
You and my sons oddly retain name that’s closely associated – SYNONYMOUS


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