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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 23 2016.
Burrow oft hollow in part – ROOTLE
Duck I caught in the air recalled hunter’s cry – YOICKS

Expressing desire, top kinky musical making a comeback – OPTATIVE
Father standing, he offers a salutation, its elements warming – POPUP
Filth around capital in Louisiana, live American strip – DILBERT
Garment cherished, exactly fitting I see – PETTICOAT
Help us to get round OK – SOSO
Home in one’s tree – NEST
In a plain way, said like this clue? (2,5,2,3,8) – INWORDS
King Edward holds advanced position for scout – TALENT
Land — there’s failure to include it within the borders of Turkey – TERRITORY
Look back on nicer times, less hurt ultimately different – REMINISCE
Manage some poetry in the middle of poem – OVERSEE
Medical assessment most impoverished? – SKINTEST
Necking drinks, pursue patter – SALESTALK
Nursing cold, one doubled up lay disheartened, with very little warmth – ICILY
Nutty green apple finally getting shredded for cake – ECOFREAK
Patriarch John squeezing alongside Protestant elder – PRESBYTER

Red chevron with flash clothing turning up like this, style for a bowler – OVERARM
See 20 – OFONE
See 24 – SPOTTER
Sensation of the East End, Barking, is it? – BOWWOW
Silly saving last bit in doggy bag, upended regardless – INANYCASE
Soldier with fury moving to the back or to the front – ANTERIOR
Start to yawn on a course, showing lack of interest – APATHY
Tear back and forth as Dickensian protagonist – PIRRIP
Wearing something black for Halloween? Give us a twirl! – BATON
Work on beach that is in US city – SANDIEGO


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