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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword puzzles Wednesday-November 30 2016.
Architectural feature I see in European city – PORTICO
Capital turned over by Hollywood actor, hero getting cheers – THANKSAMILLION

City where bird’s docked after brief tack – NAIROBI
Cleaner artist succeeding, having wiped rear – KLEENEX
Digital manicure shaped tip of fingernail – NUMERICAL
Dressing I love, head in lint, best bandages – AIOLI
Good Lord is merciful – GRACIOUS
Hanky-panky king breaking bank, say? – MONKEYBUSINESS
Involved in fraud, one in five not looking straight? – SQUINTING
Kiss money – SMACKER
Knowing little, one impressed by church body – NAIVE
Leading woman, Queen Sturgeon’s back in Scottish team – HERNIBS
Marvellous computer screens generating interest, initially – MAGIC
Might one secure horse, or look to inhale dope? – LASSO
More likely to bounce back, more like May might you say? – SPRINGIER

Name of a place where Cruise, say, is about £25 – TOPONYM
Other half of worryingly immature plan? – MELANIATRUMP
Porcelain from Hiroshima, right? – IMARI
Refuse drink, very strong – CHAFF
Romantic composer in many cases sounded ahead of baroque composer – OFFENBACH
Save someone nice, shelled in error – ECONOMISE
Starter despatched, desserts fresh out of the oven in range of slugs – RIFLESHOT
Sucker, one no longer in love with farm worker? – EXTRACTORFAN
Swimming in state, contents of bath swallowed – NATATION
Tremendous battle, lost cause, never ends – MONSTER
Ultimate in American wit, a funny author – TWAIN
Villain escaping justice punched by Women’s Institute, important people – BIGWIGS
Welcomed back by enemies, industrious Japanese American – NISEI


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