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Here are the answers to The Guardian – Quick Crossword puzzles Friday November 25 2016.
Allegiance, commitment – LOYALTY
Ancient language of India – SANSKRIT

Antipathy, aversion – DISTASTE
Cardinal compass point – EAST
Certificate of insurance – POLICY
Covert, obscured – HIDDEN
Fish tank – AQUARIUM
Flying vehicle – AIRCRAFT
Groups of fruit trees – ORCHARDS
He rents land or premises – LANDLORD
Heaviness – WEIGHT
Heavy blows with the hand – THUMPS
In the normal manner – ASUSUAL
Inner part of a seed – KERNEL
Low seats or footstools – OTTOMANS
Make known publicly – ANNOUNCE
Manufactures from raw material – PRODUCES
Mexican drink – TEQUILA
One has specialist knowledge – EXPERT
Only, and nothing more – MERELY

Pay attention – HEED
Presents for acceptance or refusal – OFFERS
Purloins – STEALS
Sets of instructions for a computer – PROGRAMS
State – NATION
Structures for open-air sports or entertainments – ARENAS
Supporter of NI remaining part of the UK – UNIONIST
Task performed to develop skill – EXERCISE
Temporary break from work – RECESS
Tools for punching small holes – AWLS
Unfreeze, defrost – THAW
Wailing woman who warns of death – BANSHEE


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