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Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Friday-December 2 2016.
“Cycle” beginning – UNI
“Death Be ___ Proud” – NOT

“This ___” (crate words) – ENDUP
Add punch to, as an engine – REVUP
Amphibious young’un – EFT
Atlanta suburb or city of ancient Ionia – SMYRNA
Ax wielder, often – HEWER
Birdbrains – DOLTS
Bring forward for inspection, informally – TROTOUT
Calvin of fashion – KLEIN
Carries with great difficulty – LUGS
Cellphone transmitter – TOWER
Chinese philosophical principle – TAO
Church authority – ELDER
Cocked, as a hat – ATILT
Combined – INALL
Common savings-plan feature – IRA
Dispatched – SENT
Drill insert – BIT
Drumroll sound – RATTAT
Eat dinner quaintly – SUP
Enjoys a book again and again – REREADS
Even the score once more – RETIE
Faux butter – OLEO
Fearsome Tolkien creature – ORC
Features of winter jackets – LINERS
Feudal subject – SERF

Give a keynote address – ORATE
Grating, voicewise – RASPY
Helper of 73-Across – ELF
Home of the 20s? – ATM
In-flight info – ETA
Inducing the creeps – EERIE
It has a supporting role – LEG
Jamaican music genre – SKA
Kathy Gifford’s middle name – LEE
Keep an online business happy – REORDER
Lacking in manners – RUDE
Like taller models – LEGGIER
Lithium-battery link – ION
Looks over – PERUSES
Lose rigidity – DROOP
Made into strings, in the kitchen – RICED
Make void – ANNUL
Non-jingling change – ONES
Not even once – NEVER
Noted gift-giver – SANTA
Old pro – LIFER
Parts of a drum set – TOMTOMS
Person handling bugs? – SPY
Planter’s needs – SEEDS
Prefix for “violet” – ULTRA
Prefix that means “new” – NEO
Provo’s state – UTAH
Score that’s 4.0 or below – GPA
Send, as a patient to a specialist – REFER
Seven, on a sundial – VII
Sick – ILL
Slippery aquatic critter – EEL
Slyness – GUILE
Solitary – ALONE
Spud – TATER
Strangling device – GARROTE
Tennis great Chris – EVERT
The prayer of a jeweler? – RINGDOMCOME
Thing to do with a coupon – REDEEM
Three harmonizing as one – TRIO
Three-note musical interval – TRITONE
Tonic complement – GIN
Type of whiskey – RYE
Use, as dinner plates – EATON
Waiting for its first owner – NEW
Web address – URL
What the bird doctor had to make casts do – FITFORAWING
What the designer engaged in for twin girls? – DRESSMATING
What the melodious caveman would do? – SINGOFCLUBS
Where one hopes to find an empty room – INN
Wreck beyond recognition – TOTAL


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