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Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Thursday December 01, 2016.
“Come to think of it …” – SAY
“La Bamba” actor Esai – MORALES

A long time ago – ONCE
Adept one – ACE
Adriatic, for one – SEA
Ain’t written properly? – ISNT
Almanac contents, briefly – INFO
Announcement from the cockpit – ETA
Any landlord with turnover – RELETTER
Artist’s subject – NUDE
Attempting to locate – SEARCHING
Begrudger’s feeling – ENVY
Blink of an eye – SEC
Blood feuds – VENDETTAS
Broad range of related objects – SPECTRA
Burgundy’s black – NOIR
Calculator feature – KEYPAD
Chain of Hawaiian islands? – LEI
Church official in charge of sacred objects – SEXTON
Close by – NEAR
Companion of silks, sometimes – SATINS
Country lodgings – INNS
Cunning – FOXY
Detail map, often – INSET
Difficult position – SPOT
Down the hatch – EATEN
Drug-approving org – FDA
Exaggerating Henry nearly fainted from .. – HOTEXHAUSTION
Exaggerating Henry reminisces about .. – THEGREATOLDDAYS
Exaggerating Henry stays calm when he .. – KEEPSONESCOLD
Fashion hair into a bun, e.g – PINUP
Fencing weapon – EPEE
Fergie’s real name – SARAH
First murder victim – ABEL
Fling – TOSS
Former communist state – USSR
Go free, in prison-lingo – WALK
Government procurement org – GSA
Green start? – EVER
Gridiron fake – FEINT
Ice fisherman’s hole-maker – AUGER
It causes delirium in cattle – LOCOWEED
It’s often the last movement of a sonata – RONDO
Itsy-bitsy – WEE

Lyric verses – ODES
Mama on the farm – EWE
Mo. when “Boo” is heard – OCT
Mom of 10-Down – EVE
Much more than chubby – OBESE
Newt-born babe? – EFT
Nineteenth of a well-known 26 – ESS
Norse goddess of love – FREYA
Old Mercury – CAPRI
On the 30-Down – ASEA
One with a beat – COP
Perfume with a lit stick – CENSE
Plant with yellow flower clusters – TANSY
Possessive often written incorrectly – ITS
Presently – SOON
Put away for storage – STOW
Puts the kibosh on – NIXES
Remove, as chalk – ERASE
Reserved – SHY
Sandra of “Gidget” – DEE
Severe pain spasm – THROE
Shows appreciation for good service – TIPS
Sleeper’s woe – APNEA
Soap opera fodder – TRYSTS
Social – DANCE
Staples of many offices – PCS
The 521 in a decade – WEEKS
Thing pulled in an old voting booth – LEVER
Things on an agenda – ITEMS
Turns from white to gray – DYES
Unchivalrous man – CAD
Washed oneself – LAVED
___ Claire, Wisc – EAU
___ Island Red – RHODE

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