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Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 22 2016.
“Goodness gracious” – SAINTSALIVE
2000s, for one – DECADE

67.5 degrees on a compass – ENE
Airport abbr – ETA
Arachnid – SPIDER
Artificially formal – STILTED
Asian sash – OBI
Before, poetically – ERE
Behave in an unruly manner – ACTUP
Beirut’s there – LEBANON
Bird beak – NEB
Calls off, as a mission – ABORTS
Cause of a blackout – FAINTINGFIT
Center or the guy next to him – LINEMAN
Chivalrous chaps – GENTS
Coin destination, sometimes – SLOT
Color spreader – PAINTROLLER
Conception of perfection – IDEAL
Corolla part – PETAL
Crack a crossword – SOLVE
Cremation vessels – URNS
Dating from – SINCE
Deceive – LIE
Discolored – STAINED
Eight acting as one (var.) – OCTETTE
Emulate a pilot – AVIATE
Fake pats on the buns? – OLEOS
Fig. that goes around and around – PSI
Flavorful – SAPID
Frankfurter – WIENER
Grace land? – MONACO

Greek x – CHI
Gummy, sticky substances – GOOPS
Gun, as an engine – REV
Half a cocktail name – TAI
Hissy fit – SNIT
Hospital stat? – ATONCE
Imposing, light-filled lobbies – ATRIA
Indicate a direction – POINT
Legendary director Billy – WILDER
Legendary Ripken – CAL
Like delayed broadcasts – TAPED
Like many country barns – VANED
Lower electrical capability – DERATE
Make viewable, in a way – AIR
Moral guideline – ETHIC
Muscle-bone connector – SINEW
Neighbor of Egypt – SUDAN
One who’s a “little” busy in December? – ELF
Press coverage, so to speak – INK
Put in a foul mood – IRKED
Renting out, as an apartment – LETTING
Right-hand page of a book – RECTO
River of Rome – TIBER
Sam of the Watergate hearings – ERVIN
Savings vehicle – IRA
Slight traces of color – TINGES
Some marginalia commands, editorially – STETS
Something that may fall out of Vogue? – INSERT
Staircase post – NEWEL
Stock allotment – SHARE
Stuff made in a mixer – CEMENT
Talents and owned properties, e.g – ASSETS
The correct form of this puzzle’s theme – ISNT
Tosser of a jump ball – REF
Tracks persistently – DOGS
Undefiled – CHASTE
Under, poetically – NEATH
Virtuous – NOBLE
Was bleeped on TV – SWORE
Western state – UTAH
Where there’s water, water everywhere – OCEAN
Windshield cleaner – WIPER
Word on a janitor’s door – MAINTENANCE

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