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Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Tuesday-November 29 2016.
“Contra” relative – ANTI
Anesthetics of yore – ETHERS

Anger or fury – IRE
Bambi’s clique? – DEERFRIENDS
Baseball stat – RBI
Be a meddler – TAMPER
Be expectant – AWAIT
Bee’s delight – NECTAR
Big-eared small game – HARES
Branch headquarters? – TRUNK
Buck’s precious things? – DEARANTLERS
Building material that has to set – CEMENT
Canonical hour – TERCE
Chasers in a Western – POSSE
Confidence man’s activity – SCAM
Constricted – NARROW
Crafted on a loom – WOVEN
Creator of an instant lawn – SOD
Deeply absorbed – ENRAPT
Do over, as a script – REWRITE
Drain – EMPTY
English cattle breed – DEVON
Family photo book – ALBUM
Far from straight – TWISTY
Find another purpose for – REUSE
Genetic stuff used as evidence – DNA
Grinding tooth – MOLAR
Harvests – REAPS
Heavily favored, as a favorite – ODDSON
Heron variety – EGRET
Horse training art – MANEGE
Hula hoop supporter – HIP
Immature amphibians – EFTS
Inn’s stablehand – HOSTLER
It can be the limit – SKY
It’s spent in Mexico – DINERO
Kind of show or band – ONEMAN
LAPD division? – LOS
Large coffee container – URN
Like a “Witness” extra – AMISH
Like enclosed stadiums – DOMED
Linoleum cleaner – MOP
Magic carpet excursions – RIDES
Make a trial run – PREP
More than merely like – ADORE
N’s in Athens – NUS
Necklace item, sometimes – PEARL
Nonsense – HOKUM
Nose perceptions – ODORS
Offer a view – OPINE
Olympian who doesn’t medal – LOSER
PC memory unit – MEG

Peter or Paul, e.g – SAINT
Places for wallets? – MALEPOUCHES
Prefix with “duct” – VIA
Projectionist’s need – SCREEN
Provides temporarily – LENDS
Railroad worker’s transport – HANDCAR
Rapid, active commotion – ADO
Recovery setback – RELAPSE
Reporter with a military unit – EMBED
Rescues – SAVES
Ring for a spy? – DECODER
Short part of history – ERA
Showy pond fish – KOI
Some distance runners – MILERS
Spirit-lifting beetle? – ELATER
Sushi ingredient – SEAWEED
Tarzan’s “mother” – APE
Type of liquor – MALT
Undercover drug cop – NARCO
What over-glued stamps and envelopes cause? – MAILBONDING
Winnow – CULL
Written exam feature – ESSAY

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