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Here are the answers to USA Crossword puzzles Friday November 18 2016.
“Hump day” (Abbr.) – WED
“Sully’s” profession – PILOT

“That hit the spot!” – AAH
“The Sound of Music” peaks – ALPS
__ wrench (L-shaped tool) – ALLEN
Adopter of Stitch, in a Disney movie – LILO
Anteloper playmates of song – DEER
Bailiff’s order – ALL RISE
Batting practice aid – TEE
Become an ex-smoker – QUIT
Blew away – AWED
Brooks of spoof movies – MEL
Case of boredom, with “the” – BLAHS
Chunks of history – ERAS
Classroom surprise – QUIZ
Clumsy sort – OAF
Command after “Sit!” – STAY
Convention attendee – DELEGATE
Cozumel coins – PESOS
Credit card abuser’s woe – DEBT
Cut of meat near the flank – LOIN
Dracula’s target – NECK
Drop in the mail – SEND
Drops an easy one – ERRS
Dust Bowl migrant – OKIE
Easy on the eyes – PRETTY
Fleet-footed avian – EMU
Fraternity initiation, e.g. – RITE
Funds for finders – FEES
Give-and-take – TRADE OFF
Grand Canyon formation – BUTTE
Group for boaters – YACHT CLUB
Had the nerve – DARED
Hider in children’s books – WALDO

Homer’s “Stupid me!” – DOH
Jet black – ONYX
Jimmy Carter’s first budget director – BERTLANCE
Less hospitable – ICIER
Like Buffalo winters, typically – SNOWY
Lo-cal, on some beer cans – LITE
Lunar stages – PHASES
Luxury car until the 1930s – PIERCE ARROW
Merriment – GAIETY
Middle schooler, perhaps – TWEEN
More collectible, perhaps – RARER
Name in fine china – SPODE
Niagara Falls sound – ROAR
Nosh on – EAT
Old flames – EXES
Openly disobeys – DEFIES
Patton or Sherman crew members – TANKERS
Pie piece – WEDGE
Prop on Pat Sajak’s show – WHEEL
Pundits’ columns – OPEDS
Recedes from shore – EBBS
Respond on “Jeopardy!” – ASK
River of Tours – LOIRE
Samuel Adams offering – ALE
Side with a sandwich – PICKLES PEAR,FRIES
Split to unite – ELOPE
Sundae topping – FUDGE
Sunlit lobbies – ATRIA
Talk like Porky – STUTTER
Three-layered treat – OREO
Toe treatment, for short – PEDI
Tofu bean, to a Brit – SOYA
Totally wow – AMAZE
Trail mix eater, perhaps – HIKER
Urge onward – SPUR
Used a buffer on – SHINED
U-shaped instrument – LYRE
Vast in scope – EPIC
Wasn’t an absentee – CAME
Wave wildly – FLAIL
What a press pass provides – ACCESS
Worm on a hook, say – BAIT
Zoning unit – ACRE

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