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Here are the answers to USA Crossword puzzles Monday November 21 2016.
“2 Broke Girls” network – CBS
__ d’Azur (French Riviera) – COTE
__-Off (Pillsbury contest) – BAKE

Acts too risky – PUSHES IT
Bed-and-breakfast – INN
Bit of high jinks – ANTIC
Black-and-white predator – ORCA
Bryson who duetted with Celine Dion – PEABO
Burnett of CNN – ERIN
Cacophonous, as a crowd – AROAR
Chile pianist Claudio – ARRAU
Clearness of thought – LUCIDITY
Craiglist postings – ADS
Crosby, notably – CROONER
Digging, so to speak – INTO
Drive the gateway car, e.g. – ABET
Dundee denial – NAE
Earth’s center – CORE
Emphatic refusal – NONONO
Enters a pool, say – BETS
Facebook messages – POSTS
Fashion monogram – YSL
Feature of a cute face – BUTTON NOSE
Flying Cloud automaker – REO
Formicary denizens – ANTS
Frozen dessert franchise – TCBY
Grow like a vine – CREEP
Guilt-free feeling – CLEAR CONSCIENCE
Having almost no rainfall – ARID
Indent key – TAB
Israeli submachine gun – UZI
Kennel sound – YAP
Lesson duration, maybe – HOUR
Like Robin Hood’s beneficiaries – POOR
Like some vbs. – IRR
Like spicy salsa – ZESTY
Llama locale – ANDES
Make usable, as a credit card – ACTIVATE
Many a Bob Marley fan – RASTA
Mr. Met, for one – MASCOT
Music and dance, for two – ARTS
N.Y.-to-Paris fliers, once – SSTS
Napoleon’s home, 1814-15 – ELBA
Need a bath badly – REEK
Occupy, as a table – SIT AT
Often-incorrectly apostrophized pronoun – ITS
Overcook, and then some – BURN
Peter or Paul, but not Mary – TSAR
Pirates’ domain – OPENSEAS
Place with free weights – GYM
Places for pints – PUBS
Poetic foot – IAMB
Prefix with gram or center – EPI
Punkin covering of poetry – FROST
Put into play – SERVE
Respectful reply to a schoolmarm – YESM
Roaster’s spot – DAIS
Runs smoothly – PURRS

Sign of healing – SCAB
Some athletic events – MEETS
Song of lament – ELEGY
Speak off the cuff – ADLIB
Speck in the ocean – ISLET
Spending limit – CAP
Starbucks size – GRANDE
Syringe amts. – CCS
Takes to court – SUES
That certain something – AURA
The Jarvik 7 was the first successful one – ARTIFICIAL HEART
They may be trumps, in bridge – SPADES
Tiny and cramped, in real estate ads – SNUG
To the rear, at sea – AFT
Unrealistic hopes – PIPE DREAMS
Very tight, as a turn – HAIR PIN
Wall St. debut – IPO
Way out there – FAR
Way to go – ROAD
Wile E. Coyote’s undoing, often – TNT


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