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Here are the answers to USA Crossword puzzles Saturday November 26 2016.
Bowl over – AMAZE
“__ Doubtfire” – MRS

“In my dreams!” – I WISH
“Just so you know,” in a text – FYI
“Little green man” – ALIEN
“See ya” – BYE
“The Merry Widow” composer Lehar – FRANZ
__ Bandito (old snack food mascot) – FRITO
__ Island (immigration museum site) – ELLIS
__ oxide (sunscreen compound) – ZINC
__ Paul McCartney – SIR
1960s sitcom set at Fort Courage – FTROOP
1994 Peace Nobelist Yitzhak – RABIN
Addition column – ONES
Any of Roger Clemens’ seven – CY YOUNG AWARD
Attorneys’ org. – ABA
Beverage store buy – ICE
Bunyan’s Babe and others – OXEN
Cabal’s plan – SCHEME
Cartoon mirages, often – OASES
Clobber with snowballs – PELT
Cobbler’s inventory – SOLES
Comic strip bark – ARF
Commuter’s expense – FARE
Drive-thru window display – MENU

Exhalation after a close call – SIGH OF RELIEF
First to strike Caesar – CASCA
Flower in many Van Goghs – IRIS
Fold, spindle or mutilate – MAR
Gathering of Trekkies, perhaps – SCIFI CONVENTION
Girl Scout uniform item – SASH
Go for a goal – SHOOT
Gradually appeal to – GROW ON
Great time, slangily – BLAST
H on a frat house – ETA
Hardly significant – MINOR
Hathaway of “The Intern” – ANNE
Have the look of – SEEM
Helicopter part – ROTOR
How the cheese stands, in rhyme – ALONE
In the know – AWARE
Investment firm T. __ Price – ROWE
IQ test pioneer Alfred – BINEST
Is stricken with – HAS
Just sit around – LOLL
La Brea pit material – TAR
Like a 1913 Liberty nickel – RARE
Like dogs in packs – FERAL
Longtime Georgia State Fair city – MACON
Lord’s subject – LIEGE
Mauna Loa outflow – LAVA
NHL great Gordie – HOWE
Nikkei index currency – YEN
Nixon’s first vice president – AGNEW
One of a circus clown’s pair – STILT-
Part of a chain – ISLE
Patch up – MEND
Pepsin or lactase – ENZYME
Pine-__ (cleaner brand) – SOL
Place for a Pavarotti performance – MET
Prefix meaning “six” – HEXA
Pro’s adversary – ANTI
Races, as an engine – REVS
Random event with two equally probable outcomes – COIN FLIP
Rejoinder to “Ain’t!” – IS TOO
Rock music’s __ Leppard – DEF
Sal of “Exodus” – MINEO
Salon sound – SNIPS
Sietary fat unit – GRAM
Speedometer neighbor – GAS GAUGE
Start a hole – TEE OFF
The B&O et al. – RRS
The devil’s work – EVIL
Thoreau’s pond – WALDEN
UCLA athlete – BRUIN
Urban irritant – SMOG
Word before numeral or nose – ROMAN
Yemen neighbor – OMAN

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