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Here are the answers to Usa Crossword puzzles Thursday December 01, 2016.
“__ or plastic?” – PAPER
Adjective for Methuselah – OLDEST

Amorphous mass – BLOB
Bar mitzvah figure – RABBI
Bother to no end – HARASS
Bratty kid in “Blondie” – ELMO
Bug planter – SPY
Canadian tribesman – CREE
Cavern effect – ECHO
Checkroom item – COAT
Cheese in spinach pie – FETA
Come down with – CATCH
Compulsive gambler’s woe,often – DEBT
Coral information – REEF
Craiglist posts – ADS
Current unit, for short – AMP
Cut of beef or pork – LOIN
Dead-end job – RUT
Director Kurosawa – AKIRA
Doesn’t exist – ISNT
Dr. Dre and Kanye West, for two – HIP HOP PRODUCERS
Dustin in “Midnight Cowboy” – RATSO
Epeeist’s score – TOUCH
Equestrian’s handful – REINS
Erie Canal mule – SAL
Explorer girl of kids’ TV – DORA
Fabulous shape – TIP TOP CONDITION
First lady before Michelle – LAURA
Fountain of Youth site, in legend – FLORIDA
Four-star review – RAVE
Fruit used to flavor sign – SLOE
Get the goat of – ANGER
Get the point of – SEE
Girl Scouts unit – TROOP
Hay unit – BALE
High point – APEX
House member (Abbr.) – REP
In charge of – OVER
In play – LIVE
In tough spot – TREED
Initial stage – ONSET
Instruments for Parker and Coltrane – SAXES
Ivory or Coast – SOAP
Like 8-Down – TART
Like die-hard rooters – AVID
Like Tabasco sauce – TANGY
Like well-worn jeans – FADED
Likely to mouth off – PERT
Linen source – FLAX
Many a summer worker – INTERN
Many Rx writers – MDS
Musical break – REST
None-of-the-above choice – OTHER
Online shopping center – EMALL
Opposite of “to” – FRO
Pillager’s take – LOOT

Poolside footwear – FLIP FLOP SANDALS
Promontory Point’s state – UTAH
Reason to drink – THIRST
Renovation of a sort – FACELIFT
Route-suggesting iPhone app – MAPS
Runs on TV – AIRS
Salary limit – CAP
Shakespeare-based Verdi opera – OTELLO
Shaving stuff – FOAM
Sits precariously – TEETERS
SpaceX CEO Musk – ELON
Take a chance – DARE
The yoke’s on them – OXEN
They help you stand tall – STILTS
Turf’s menu partner – SURF
Unwrap impatiently – TEAROPEN
Urban front steps – STOOP
Wanted-poster letters – AKA
Wrestler Hulk – HOGAN
Yuletide treat – NOG


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