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Here are the answers to USA Crossword puzzles Thursday November 17 2016.
“Cheers” regular – RHEA PERLMAN
“Fine with me” – SO BE IT

“night” author Elie – WIESEL
“Not guilty,” e.g. – PLEA
__ cava (major blood vessel) – VENA
__ judicata – RES
__ New York minute – IN A
2-Down holder – STEIN
A dance, when repeated – CHA
Arcade miscues – TILTS
Audiophiles’ “vinyl” – LPS
Based on fact – ACTUAL
Best man’s speech – TOAST
Burl of “East of Eden” – IVES
CIA forerunner – OSS
Circle segments – ARCS
City opposite Ciudad Juarez – EL PASO
Cold War inits. – SSR
Colored part of the eye – IRIS
Copier jammed into this puzzle’s theme answers – APEX
Country of England or New Jersey – ESSEX
Drain-unclogger ingredient – LYE
Dwelling with an EIK, maybe – APT
Figurine that sprouts – CHIA PET
Fireplace fleck – ASH
Fish tank accessory – NET
Full-house letters – SRO
Geologic stretches – EONS
Give grief to – HASSLE
Guft wrapping need – TAPE
Hardly concealed – OVERT
Hatcher who played Lois Lane – TERI
High point – APEX
Historic time – ERA
Homo __ – SAPIENS
Hypnotic state – TRANCE
In a funk – SAD
In the __ (informed) – LOOP

In the matter of – ASTO
Jockeys’ ride – MOUNTS
Lavish – OPULENT
Like trees on a prairie – SPARSE
Lindbergh was one – AVIATOR
Long punctuation mark – EMDASH
LSAT part – TEST
Manhattaln’s Park or Lexington – AVENUE
Megabucks – RICHES
Money in Monaco – EUROS
Mystery author Queen – ELLERY
NFL or NHL player – PRO
Pals, slangily – PEEPS
Peach discards – PITS
Pub order – ALE
Quitter’s throw-in – TOWEL
Race circuits – LAPS
Reaches as standstill – HALTS
Rockfish, by another name – SEAPERCH
Role for Madonna or Patti LuPone – EVAPERON
Shade of green – PEA
Shakespeare’s Ariel, for one – SPRITE
Sharif of “Doctor Zhivago” – OMAR
Slippery slapstick props – BANANA PEELS
Socially smooth – SUAVE
Song segments – VERSES
Spy novelist Ambler – ERIC
St. Teresa’s home – AVILA
Start of a tennis match – SERVE
Start to profit? – NON
Teen fave – IDOL
Timmy’s TV dog – LASSIE
Traffic snarl – TIE UP
TV journalist Dobbs – LOU
University of Maine city – ORONO
Wall St. letters – NYSE
Way to go (abbr.) – RTE
Web-footed mammals – OTTERS
Whiskey variety – RYE
Word accompanying a head-slap – DOH

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