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Here are the answers to USA Crossword puzzles Thursday November 24 2016.
__ on (be overfond of) – DOTE
__-fatty acid – TRANS
__-Magnon – CRO

2016 Olympics site, for short – RIO
24-karat – PURE
Anita who sang with Gene Krupa – ODAY
Apple pie maker’s utensil – CORER
Area covered with decomposing leaves and branches – FOREST FLOOR
Attacked by jellyfish – STUNG
Bird at 9-Down – OWL
Bit of parsley – SPRIG
Brief tussle – SETTO
California roll, e.g. – SUSHI
Certain underclassman, for short – SOPH
Coffee or vanilla – BEAN
Coffee variety – ARABICA
Common pay period – WEEK
Corleone patriarch – VITO
Covered with 29-Down – SPANGLED
Cud chewer – COW
Cyberspace “I think” – IMO
Does in, mob-style – OFFS
Dunaway of “Network” – FAYE
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo – AFRO
Ella Fitzgerald specialty – SCAT
FDR successor – HST
Fleet-footed Aussie avians – EMUS
Gin or bourbon cocktail – LIMERICKEY
Goya’s “The Duchess of __” – ALBA
Greet from a distance – WAVE AT
Grouchy Mupet – OSCAR
Gumbo vegetable – OKRA
Harry Potter’s school – HOGWARTS
Horse with some white hairs – ROAN
Hunk of bacon – SLAB
In the cooler – ON ICE
Informal, as conversation – BREEZY
Is afflicted with – HAS
Italian-American restaurant chain – OLIVE GARDEN
Joan who sang at Woodstock – BAEZ
Judge’s attention-getter – GAVEL
Lecher’s look – LEER
Like most early TV – LIVE
Like watches with hands – ANALOG

London pollution problem – PEA SOUP FOG
Make holy – BLESS
Many Shelley poems – ODES
Memory problem – LAPSE
Milky Way units – STARS
Miner’s strike – LODE
Mushroom’s reproductive cell – SPORE
Ness or Lomond – LOCH
No longer dozing – AWAKE
Off-the-wall effect – ECHO
Old stringed instrument – LYRE
On the links – GOLFING
Palm yield – DATE
Period when forging began – IRON AGE
Place for a BLT – DINER
Plays for a sap – USES
Poland Spring competitor – EVIAN
Port of southern Italy – SALERNO
Road reversals, slangily – UEYS
Rolling __ (wealthy) – INIT
Sign on a pet-unfriendly motel – NO DOGS
Some roll call votes – AYES
Stated further – ADDED
Taylor of Mayberry – ANDY
Think the world of – ADORE
Three-time for of Frazier – ALI
Top untouchable – NESS
Trains like 37-Across – SPARS
Umlaut’s two – DOTS
What an “X” may mark – SPOT
Wood-shaping tool – LATHE
X-rated literature – SMUT
Yogi or Smokey – BEAR
Zilch – NADA


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