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Here are the answers to USA Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 22 2016.
“__ fightin’ words!” – THEMS
“Aw, shucks!” – RATS

“I didn’t do it!” – NOT ME
108-card game – UNO
2013 role for Johnny Depp – TONTO
90-degree pipe fitting – ELL
Age of Reason philosopher John – LOCKE
Album half – SIDE
Arthur with four Davis Cup wins – ASHE
Baking soda targets – ODORS
Band mate of Jack and Ginger in Cream – ERIC
Bronte governess – EYRE
Bump from behind – REAR END
Burro kin – ASS
By means of – PER
Cash, slangily – MOOLA
CBS military law series – NCIS
Cocktail garnish – RIND
Common chess outcome – DRAW
Common computer typeface – ARIAL
Cop in a bust – NARC
Crowd-scene actor – EXTRA
Dim sum appliance – FOOD STEAMER
Dream stage letters – REM
Edison’s 1,000+ – PATENTS
Educational support org. – PTA
Extreme rarity on a par-4 hole – ACE
Family nickname – SIS
Freshly painted – WET
Genius’s forte – INTELLECT
Glass for a brewski – BEER SCHOONER
Hidden problem – CATCH
Inexact recipe amount – DASH
Informal goodbye – CIAO
Ingredient in some cat food – TUNA
Knight or bishop – PIECE
Likely to mouth off – PERT
Lincoln Center offerings – OPERAS
Loaf at a deli – RYE
Long-tongued dog of comics – ODIE

Loosens one’s purse strings – SPENDS
Make a decision – ACT
Many a Syrian – ARAB
Member of the board – DIRECTOR
Metal to be recycled – SCRAP
Mustard family plant – CRESS
New Year’s resolution, often – DIET
Olympic blade with a touch sensor – EPEE
One of Stengel’s “Amazin’s” – MET
Pacific salmon – COHO
Paella base – RICE
Photoshop creator – ADOBE
Photo-trimming tool – PAPER CUTTER
Pop-up path – ARC
Portfolio holding, for short – IRA
Prepare for a trip – PACK
Prison movie highlights – ESCAPES
Results of chaffing – SORES
River of Amiens – SOMME
Rose of Guns N’ Roses – AXL
Sheet material – PERCALE
Sources of salt – MINES
South Pacific island nation – SAMOA
Spot for a seaweed wrap – SPA
The D-Backs, on scoreboards – ARI
The Trojans of the Pac-12 – USC
To this point – SO FAR
Tom-tom neighbor – SNARE
Took charge of – LED
Total nonsense – ROT
Trash can insert – PLASTIC LINER
Trellis parts – SLATS
United competitor – DELTA
Up to the task – ABLE
Uses a hidden bug – LISTENS IN
Vane heading – EAST
Waiter’s electronic gadget – ORDER PAD
Windex targets – PANES


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