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Here are the answers to USA Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 23 2016.
“Cold, hard” money – CASH
“Show Boat” author Ferber – EDNA

“The Pit and the Pendulum” writer – POE
“The Simpsons” character Disco – STU
72, for many courses – PAR
A state of matter – SOLID
Bad day for Caesar – IDES
Between ports – ASEA
Blacken on a grill – CHAR
Bricklayers’ burdens – HODS
Bud in a baked ham – CLOVE
Building build-on – ELL
Cartoon purveyor of anvils and tornado kits – ACME
Church area with a semi-dome, perhaps – APSE
Conversation starter – HELLO
Cops’ org – PBA
Cover-up of sorts – VEILOFSECRECY
Dynasts of yore – TSARS
Egg cells – OVA
Eponymous jeans maker – LEVISTRAUSS
Evening news, typically – LIVEBROADCAST
Examine carefully – VET
Fairly divided – PRORATA
FAQ part – ASKED
First murder victim – ABEL
Flinches, say – REACTS
Food Network figure – CHEF

Frisbee, essentially – DISK
Fund, as a fellowship – ENDOW
Gangster’s gun – GAT
Gardener’s tool – SPADE
Genesis of an invention – IDEA
Grab a bite – EAT
Grassy expanse – LEA
Hall’s “Maneater” partner – OATES
Hamlet, e.g – DANE
Home to part of Azerbaijan – ASIA
Hooters mascot – OWL
iPhone button – HOME
Irritating to the nose – ACRID
James Comey’s org – FBI
Japanese city trashed by Godzilla – OSAKA
JFK postings – ETAS
Lennon’s lady – ONO
Like a child of two cousins – INBRED
Like-minded voting group – BLOC
Lunar crevice – RILL
Lush area of the Sahara – OASIS
Make a decision – RULE
Monastery head – ABBOT
New York strip, e.g – STEAK
Newly minted USN officer – ENS
One of the Gulf States – OMAN
Part of some suits – VEST
Port in a storm, so to speak – HAVEN
Prefix with con or classical – NEO
Reason to ask “Who am I?” – AMNESIA
Reel’s partner – ROD
Relating to form – MODAL
Riyadh resident – SAUDI
Roger with seven Wimbledon wins – FEDERER
Rolled-out lawn – SOD
Safe from harm – INVIOLATE
Same old, same old – RUT
Scatter, as seed – SOW
Smartphone no – TEL
Smooth, like 007 – SUAVE
Snowbird’s destination – SUNBELT
Soothing succulent – ALOE
Take forcibly – WREST
They’re from hell – EVILSPIRITS
Throws in – ADDS
Tropical getaways – ISLES
VIP’s protector – BODYGUARD
Visibly frightened – ASHEN
Way off or on – RAMP
Work on a turkey or pumpkin – CARVE
Xenophobe’s fear – ALIEN


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