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Here are the answers to USA Crossword puzzles Wednesday-November 30 2016.
“Now,” to a nurse – STAT
“Wrong!” on the playground – IS NOT

1980s new wave band __ Tuesday – TIL
Ad-__ (go off-script) – LIB
Air rifle ammo – BBS
Alternative to .tif or .jpg – GIF
Australian runner – EMU
Beast-beating beast – APE
Become an ex-bachelor – WED
Become bloated – SWELL UP
Brand of plastic cups – SOLO
Brought in from the field – REAPED
Bruce of Laura of movies – DERN
Bummed out – SAD
Captured via cassette – ONTAPE
Christopher of “Taxi” – LLYOD
Columbia’s capital – BOGOTA
Cottage or cabin – ABODE
Cowboy boot add-ons – SPURS
Curtain holder – ROD
Day care enrollee – TOT
Double-crosser – RAT
Fashion albel founded in Milan – PRADA
Forebonding sign – OMEN
Frozen fries brand – OREIDA
Game with mallets and mounts – POLO
Graphic on the Weather Channel – MAP
Hendrix hairdo – AFRO
Homer’s mustachioed neighbor – NED
Honda’s luxury brand – ACURA
Jamboree-hosting org. – BSA
Kennel cry – YAP
Leave no doubt – ENSURE
Like an unwiped dipstick – OILY
Literary orphan Jane – EYRE
London’s MetropolitanPolice Service headquarters – NEW SCOTLAND YARD
Lower in dignity – DEBASE
Manage the cost of – AFFORD
Men. In teenspeak – DUDES
Mineo of moviedom – SAL
Minn. Neighbor – NDAK
Mr. Potato Head piece – EAR, EYE
Musher’s ride – SLED
Nose-in-the-air sort – SNOB
One of the Jenner girls – KYLIE
Overhead trains – ELS
Palm tree yield – DATE
PC command under “Edit” – UNDO

Phil who sang “Draft Dodger Rag” – OCHS
Plays boisterously – ROMPS
Politico with a six-year term – SENATOR
Pooped out – SPENT
Prospector’s pack animal – BURRO
Ralph Kramden’s job – BUSMAN
Ramps up – BOOSTS
Reception problem – STATIC
Recipe direction – STIR
Response akin to “Oh yeah?” – SAYS YOU
Risk-taking type – DARER
Schedule opening – SLOT
Shoo-__ (certain winners) – INS
Show scorn toward – SNEER AT
Silent approval – NOD
Simba’s father in “The Lion King” – MUFASA
Slow-witted sort – OAF
Spill a secret – BLAB
Still on the plate – UNEATEN
Surpreme Court justices, at full length – NO NET
Taker of shore leave – SAILOR
TD signalers – REFS
Timothy Leary’s hallucinogen – LSD
Tune also known as “Jimmy Crack Corn” – BLUE TAIL FLY
Univ. aides – TAS
Wisely cautious – PRUDENT
Word before will or wind – ILL
Worried needlessly – BORROWED TROUBLE
Yellowstone Park attraction – OLD FAITHFUL


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