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Two Dots Level 337 — 12 Comments

  1. I am so very stuck on this level. Boosters and all. Closest I’ve gotten was 57/60…and haven’t gotten near that since.

  2. Okay I did it! I saw a tip on another site about what to do when stuck on a level and the game is not helping (eg not providing enough of those stars to actually allow you to complete it!) Go back to some really easy levels and win a few times and then it tricks the game into giving you an easy try on the hard one. It has worked for level 337 for me! But now I’m struggling on the next one! I redid levels 285 and 286 as I can do this in 2/3 moves. Hope that helps!

  3. I’ll tell you what’s going on. The app is selling ads and selling boosters and lives. I don’t buy them though. So essentially the game is nothing more than a Vegas style slot machine. When you’ve viewed enough ads it will give you an easy set, you will win and think it was your superior game play. What a joke. Deleting the app.

  4. This is what’s really going on. You have several choices:

    1. You can buy your way out of this level. Me? I haven’t spent a dime and don’t intend to, but that said after more
    than 100 plays I’m still on this level.

    2. You can get extremely lucky (as per the tutorials) and just HAPPEN to get 3 sets of “stars” (or more) for every 20
    moves allowed. I once got 5 or 6 “stars” on one move.
    Do the math. 3 x 20 = 60 There may be a way to get “stars” to appear, but I haven’t found it.

    3. Use power-ups. The game gives you a daily 3-door “prize”. Collect these. Do not use them until you have at least
    10 of each category. That’s my plan. (full disclosure….this is an untested theory on my part.) Using power-ups do not cost moves. But I’m thinking I’ll need to have in the high forties or low fifties (and I’ve only scored 51 once) to make sure I’ll succeed.

    One thing is noticeably wrong with the tutorials. They just get more “stars” per play. Some don’t even get “stars” on every play. If you are like me, you’ve gotten to this level for free! It’s rather patronistic to show a finger scrolling across a “square” of the same color dots. Like that’s all there is to it. What?! After 336 levels you didn’t know to “make squares” !!!!!?????

    Also, one of the posters above me makes comments about Vegas and ads, etc. I’ve watched dozens and dozens of ads. They only make the first move easier, but in the final analysis, get the free “box” and use it.
    You don’t have to buy candy bars or anything else, but it does get you one….tiny…step…closer

    • So I made it through level 337 using 5 power ups
      I stopped fingering the board at 47 and 2 moves left

      Now I’m on level 338 which is WORSE.

      I have barely made 30 stars. It’s gonna take
      At least 2weeks of power up collecting from
      The “daily doors”. I’ll check back in then

  5. So I made it through level 338 with a bit of luck and some power-ups. Level 339 was a breeze compared to 337 and 338

    Now I’m on 340 which requires you to get 3 different colors at 75 per pop. Okay, that’s not bad I’ve accomplished that several times. But they also require you to get 50 stars. In 25 moves. Which is impossible to do without power ups.

    The max I’ve gotten is 35 stars before i ran out of moves after about 50 times trying. I’m going to have to collect power ups for the next two weeks to even come close to the amount of moves I will need to go past this level.

    TWO DOTS: If you are listening: I’M NOT GIVING YOU ANY MONEY!

  6. Update. After attempting level 340 several more times I achieved 37 stars. I decided to try to use the power
    ups that I had remaining and now its on to 341!

  7. Gah! I hate this level. I seem to be getting higher scores but I still usually never come close. The other night it got on a roll at the end creating stars and, eliminating the, dropping more down, I had just used my last move, the score was ticking then it stopped! On 59. %&$&^$&*(^$%&*^$&* I screamed and screamed and scared the crap out of my whole family. I am resorting to using more power ups. I notice that sometimes gets you an easier board and also gives you four extra moves. Still sometimes I don’t come close. I try clearing all the wildcard dots as much as possible. Make squares even if it wipes a star off. Burning through my cache of powerups quickly. The game can be so infuriating the way it is just totally random.

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